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Put Your Ear to Web. Your Patients Drive Your Online Reputation.

Complete Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation can make or break your revenue growth. A plethora of positive, honest reviews will start a line of new patients that wraps around your block. But mismanaged negative reviews will grow cobwebs in your scheduling book.

Why Your Online Reputation Matters:

When a patient needs a procedure, the first thing they do is search online for a nearby provider. That’s when your online reputation comes into play. Whether through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, or through review sites like Google and Yelp, potential patients form an opinion of you without even visiting your office.

Your online reputation is like ivy: if you manage it, your office looks beautiful. If you let it grow on its own, your office is left in the dark. Take control of your online reputation with Active Presence by Solutionreach.

To keep your online reputation beautiful, Solutionreach created Active Presence.

How Patient Reviews Affect Your Online Reputation:

Online patient reviews are more effective than direct mailers.

  • Coupons and ads not only cost moola, but they don’t always work. They can even backfire. Would you visit the doc who spends money on flashy ads, or the doc that several people love and recommend? Or would you visit the doc that has both?

If you’re not doing it, your competitors are.

  • When a potential patient Google-searches for a healthcare provider, your competition shows up first, with more positive reviews than you, thus making a better impression.

Solutionreach makes patient reviews less scary.

  • Google lists you higher based on the number of reviews, positive or negative, that you receive.
  • Active Presence can alert you of each new review within seconds of it going public.
  • Active Presence comes with free, unlimited assistance in handling a negative review and changing a dissatisfied patient into a loyal, happy patient willing to delete or edit their negative review.
  • Active Presence can be set to eliminate a negative review’s effectiveness, burying it as quickly as possible.
  • Be more afraid of too many “perfect” reviews, Google may disregard a business with too many 5-star reviews, suspecting phony reviews.

How Social Media Affects Your Online Reputation:

Patients naturally share their experiences, good or bad, with their friends and family.

  • Those opinions greatly influence their followers. For example, if a patient posts their appreciation for you on Facebook, several of that patient’s followers will immediately seek you out for service.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t completely monitor your patients’ opinions on social media sites due to privacy restrictions, but with Solutionreach, you can invite patients to post a public review of their visit on sites like Google, Yelp, or Yahoo.

Potential Patients Want to See Your Office on Facebook.

  • Everyone is on Facebook. Everyone. Your office should be too. That way, when a patient recommends you to a friend, they can view your company Facebook page and feel welcomed into your office.

How Active Presence Elicits Patient Reviews

Post-appointment Surveys

  • Open-ended questions on your patient satisfaction surveys can include a checkbox asking the patient if they’d like their response to be posted as a review on Google (or other sites). This increases the likelihood of patients posting reviews by 20 percent. Booyah.

Gmail Search

  • Active Presence can search your patient database for Gmail accounts and invite those patients to post reviews of your practice on Google+.

Newsletter/Email Link

  • At the bottom of every patient newsletter and email is a button asking your patients if they’d like to post a review to one of several sites. This button can be removed for specific patients if desired.

Your online reputation matters because potential patients form an opinion of you based on those reviews. You need to be seen in a good light, not just seen. Take a Demo of Solutionreach by clicking here and enjoy the fruits of a properly managed online reputation.

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