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3 Benefits of Automated Appointment Reminders

Posted on Dec 22, 2017 by Solutionreach

    Oldie but goodie! This post was originally published in May 2014 and updated in Dec 2017 as part of an on-going series highlighting popular past posts.

    Carpool, parent volunteer time, soccer games, dance classes, boy scouts, late meetings at the office . . . your patients’ lives - much like yours - are filled to the brim with requirements and activities.

    Appointment reminders are an effective way to boost patient satisfactionTime is scarce and the demands for it can cause conflicts between all the things competing for your patients’ attention. Over-taxed schedules can actually affect your patients’ ability to keep up with what should be a higher priority: their healthcare. Keeping track of scheduled appointments can often fall into the black hole of the chaos of modern life. Forgetfulness is a common side effect of this over-scheduled existence.

    With the technological advances that have been made in the healthcare industry, there is almost no excuse for a patient forgetting to schedule or forgetting to show up for upcoming healthcare appointments. Here are a few ways you can reduce the number of no-shows in your office.


    Improve Office Efficiency
    Automating the recare for your patients has no doubt had a significant impact on how efficiently your front office runs. Less of your valuable time is wasted calling patients to schedule or remind them of upcoming appointments. When an automated appointment reminder is sent to a patient, they have the ability to request an appointment right from the reminder message. This action will notify your office to call patients, who are expecting a phone call from you, to assist them in scheduling an appointment so you are able to cut back on many fruitless phone calls.

    A clear advantage to using an automated appointment reminder service is the amount of time it frees up for your staff to focus on more productive tasks and the patients present in your office. You will have more time to get to know your patients better, you will create more opportunities for receiving critical feedback about their experiences and needs, and you can better ensure you are providing the highest quality of care to every patient every day.

    Improve Health Outcomes
    The value of utilizing an appointment reminder service to reduce no-show and late arrival appointmentsAppointment reminders improve health outcomes for patients also plays a key role in improving health outcomes.

    By sending automated appointment reminders for a patient’s overdue or upcoming recare appointments, you are helping to ensure your patient’s health stays at the top of their mind. Assisting your patients in keeping current on their regular care helps in preventing illnesses and maintaining a patient’s wellness. Staying connected to your patients throughout the care continuum is vital to short term successful health and better overall health outcomes.

    Improve Patient Satisfaction
    Sometimes your patients’ days are scheduled down to the minute—so busy that it’s quite common for a patient not to have time to even answer their phone, even if you were to call and remind them of their appointment. But today is an age of technology, and most people prefer to communicate via text or email.  It is more convenient, because they can choose when to check it.  Digital communication allows patients the ability to immediately respond to, confirm, or request an appointment while at work, in a meeting, or even while talking on their phone. Sending a friendly reminder via text or email will be appreciated by busy patients who can’t stop for a phone call immediately.

    Automated patient reminders are a convenience to both your practice and your patients. 

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