“Do Not Sell My Personal Information” and other rights under the CCPA

If you are a California resident, submit your request to Solutionreach below.

We are committed to fair information practices, to protecting your personal information, and to safeguarding your privacy. For information about how we safeguard and process personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

If you are a California consumer, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) reinforces the protection of your personal information. We are committed to safeguarding your personal information in compliance with the CCPA.

Under the CCPA, you may have certain rights as a California consumer, including the right to opt out of the sale of your personal information and the right to have us delete your personal information. If you are a California consumer and would like to exercise these rights, or any of the rights afforded to you under the CCPA as described in our Privacy Policy, please complete the form below.

Any personal information submitted in connection with your request will be used solely for the purposes of complying with your request. All requests to opt out of the sale of personal information must be made using this online form. We may require proof of authorization when a California consumer uses an authorized agent to exercise this right.