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Great patient relationships start with great communication

Boost patient engagement with better communication, care, and efficiency. Your patients, staff, and revenue will thank you.

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You and your patients want the same thing: Appointments

You’re busy, understaffed, and wrestling with no-shows. They’re busy, and frankly, appointments are rarely top of mind.

Solutionreach enables you to get more patients in the door and deliver the care that they need. For less time, money, and stress.

Get easy, effective communication for all

Improve patient engagement and patient retention with personalized messaging every step of the way. Enable easy online scheduling, text out appointment reminders, and follow up with post-appointment education. Everything you need for consistent, real-time, patient care.

2x appointments and patient leads

Save staff from boring, time-consuming tasks

For healthcare practices, it’s important to focus on patient satisfaction, not tedious data entry and phone calls. Digital-first processes and HIPAA-compliant automated communications reduce admin burnout and make it easy to focus on the highest-value tasks each day.

< 30min/day on recall activities

Acquire more patients and reduce no-shows

Solutionreach is low-cost, low-effort, and it more than pays for itself through increased recall revenue. Win back valuable admin time, attract more patients online, and watch your practice grow.

+ $120,000 revenue from recall

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Solutionreach created the patient retention and engagement market in 2000. And we’re still leading the way.

We specialize in healthcare and have developed a deep understanding of patient and practice needs. Our proven integration process and onboarding experience make partnering with us fast, easy, and dare we say it, enjoyable.

About Us

20+ Years in industry

50k+ Practices served

1 in 4 Americans reached

< 1 Week implementation

*Implementation time is dependent on the Practice Management Software in place.

“The first day of trying out two-way texting we had 3 patients schedule exams through texting.”

Andrew Smith
Eye Clinic and Contact Lens Center

“In the first few weeks, we had 40 patients scheduled who were overdue on their recare and not scheduled prior to us using Solutionreach. I was amazed because if we hadn’t had Solutionreach, we would have been short that amount of revenue and production.”

Marie Gambetta
Advanced Dental

“Before Solutionreach, we spent hours every week calling patients to remind them of appointments and sending recare postcards. Now we have so much more time to spend with our patients and focus on their needs. As long as we are inputting the patient’s contact information and recall dates, Solutionreach does the rest.”

Mary Wiley
Latham Family Vision

“One of the greatest things that’s happened for us in the last year is the increase in recall visits. We were able to see a $5.2 million return on investment just in the well-visits coming in.”

Leslie Tarver
Allied Physicians Group

“Solutionreach is very, very easy to work with. They’re responsive and professional. It’s truly one of the best-managed companies I’ve ever worked with in this business. With Solutionreach, you only have to ask once, and you know it’s done right. It’s been a pleasure to work with them.”

Dr. Thomas Arnold
Today’s Vision Sugarland

Grow your revenue, not your no-shows

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