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Our mission? Revolutionize the healthcare experience for both providers and their patients. Patient Relationship Management gives you tools to be real with your patients. We make it personal. We keep it simple. And we get patients to be active in their care.

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It's here, and it's running laps around simple two-way texting.

Learn why it's awesome for your practice...and even better for your patients.

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Be real busy. visible. aware. helpful. easy. personal.

Patient Reminders

Cover appointment reminders, recalls, payment notifications and more in a personalized way.


One no-show each day results in $39,000 annual lost revenue. Let’s do something about that.

Patient Reminders

Patient Education

Keep patients engaged through newsletters, wellness information and other educational content.


For one Solutionreach customer, a single email newsletter drove more than 700 flu shots.

Patient Education

Patient Satisfaction

Get feedback from your patients and use it to improve their experience.


Online surveys are 30 times more preferred than paper-based versions.

Patient Satisfaction

Practice Marketing

Find new patients. Keep your current ones. Everything you need to keep the schedule full.


72% of patients search for health information online. Save them the extra effort!

Practice Marketing

Patient Access

Make the healthcare experience infinitely easier for your patients with self-management tools.


Self-scheduling saves the average practice 60-70 hours of phone time each month.

Patient Access

It’s not so lonely at the top.

100,000+ healthcare professionals are improving patient experience while building a more efficient practice. Sure, we help. But you get to take the credit. 

Medical Care
Medical Care
Dental Care
Dental Care
Eye Care
Eye Care
Aesthetic Care
Aesthetic Care

This is what we call a "mic drop."

80 Million Patients Connected

25% of the country actively connects with their providers through Solutionreach. That’s 1 in 4 people.


600 Million Messages

Line up the messages we send patients annually end-to-end, and it stretches around the globe 3 times. Maybe even 4.


First to Text in Healthcare

We’ve been called the Neil Armstrong of patient-provider communication. And we’re happy to take the compliment.


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