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Posted on Nov 16, 2015 by Solutionreach




    Sometime within the last ten years, someone advised you that you needed a blog for your business, right? All these years later, you may occasionally ask yourself why this was a good idea, especially on those days where your inspiration is lacking for more effective ways to engage patients. The truth is, now there may be a new reason for you to continue updating your blog, (or to begin blogging if you haven’t already,)...LEADS.

    Today’s post is an extension of our previous post–5 Reasons Why You Need a Practice Blog. If you are new to blogging and we were able to convince you that it’s a smart marketing technique, you took action and now need a little guidance to keep moving forward, these suggestions will help.

    If you are a seasoned blogger, but are looking for new ideas on how to use your blog to more effectively engage existing patients, reactivate those that have slipped through the cracks and even generate new patients, we might be able to inspire you.

    Yup - your blog could be the solution to the above mentioned challenges you may be experiencing and even a tool for engaging new and potential clients in ways you may not have considered before. By making the focus of your blog lead generation as well as for providing information, you can begin to develop and expand your patient base. The five following techniques should help you to see an increase in leads all from simple changes or implementations to your blog:

    #1 Offer Access to Guides, Ebooks or Continuing Care Email Campaigns

    Offer those who will enter some limited personal information, the opportunity to download a guide or e-Book on trending health topics. The content should have practical value (i.e. ways for staying on top of their health, improving communication with healthcare providers, etc.)

    In addition to their name and email address, you may also want to inquire about their current level of patient satisfaction, current health concerns, or how long it has been since their last visit to a clinic such as yours. You can also offer pertinent and customized health information to your existing patients via targeted care campaigns which are an effective way to educate and retain your patients.

    # 2 Recommend Relevant Resources

    Keeping your patients engaged in their health care by implementing effective tools to educate them will help keep your relationships with them strong. Offering your patients or prospective patients a digital library of handouts, newsletters, articles, or studies on a period basis is another way you’ll build a new base of patients and create loyalty.

    Weekly tips on healthcare issues, keys to consider before choosing a provider, or other useful information which can be offered periodically or emailed weekly or monthly help to build trust in your office so that when the time comes, patients will choose you over those who are not providing the same level of information or service.


    #3 Make Perks Available

    Using your blog to offer freebies, free trials, or discounts is an effective way to attract new patients. For example, offering 25% off the exam fee for first-time patients will help to draw them to your office, even if another provider is a little closer to their location.

    Offering a free sample or product (travel toothbrush kit, free glasses or contact lens case) is also an excellent means for attracting new patients. Once they walk through your door, you can continue building upon those relationships to ensure patient loyalty and improved retention.

    #4 Host Webinars

    Use your blog as a site for free online seminars (webinars) on topics that are important to your patients. If there is a new technique or procedure that your patients are curious about, current health trends that are concerning to you and may affect your patients, or new research that could lead to a difference in their well-being, record yourself discussing this information using questions and answers and a few simple graphics.

    Demonstrate for existing as well as potential patients, that you share their concerns and you are keeping up with the cutting-edge technology and information in your field. This goes a long way toward attracting new patients and reinforcing the beliefs of your existing patient base.

    #5 Create Patient Surveys or Quizzes

    Part of the Solutionreach approach to total patient relationship management is ensuring that a system exists for patients to provide feedback.  Using our automated patient surveys, healthcare providers can assess the levels of satisfaction of their patients and use the data and comments to improve care in their facilities.

    Using your blog to offer surveys to potential patients allows you to gauge and address their concerns and to show how you can ensure their concerns or fears will be addressed. You can learn why a potential patient has avoided seeking treatment or care in the past, how they might benefit from getting care through your office, extenuating concerns such as transportation or child care issues, and you can begin to take action and implement new strategies to attract those patients to your facility.

    There are so many different methods for collecting contact information and building leads from your blog. A note of caution - don’t try them all at once. Choose one that looks suited to your office and develop your plan. Create objectives which you’ll use to measure your success and determine your next steps. When you have your results, you can choose to stick with this blog style, or switch to a new format. Either way, if successfully executed, any of these ideas should increase new patient leads and, as a result, new long-term clients.

    Hopefully we have provided you with new information that will reinforce your blogging efforts and keep you going…or inspire you to get started!

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