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Easy Ways to Call Patients for Recall

Posted on May 18, 2021 by Karla Socci Somers

    GettyImages-1313962617As a dental office, optometry practice, or general healthcare practitioner, if you’re not getting patients (re)scheduled for routine exams and follow-up treatments, you’re missing out. Not only are you missing out on building long-term relationships with your existing patients, but you’re also missing out on keeping your patients as healthy as possible and generating more revenue at your practice.

    Your patients are missing out, too. 

    If they don’t get called back in for appointments, they’re missing out on the amazing care and services you offer. They’re missing out on feeling like a part of your extended practice family. They’re missing out on living their best lives and maintaining their best dental, vision, and overall health. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Mutually beneficial relationships are the best kind of patient-provider relationships. All you have to do is remind your patients to come back in for that cleaning, that follow-up eye exam, or that annual check-up. Here are some easy ways to call patients for recall.

    Engage with patients online.

    Take advantage of your social media platforms to engage with patients online and get them excited about scheduling future appointments. A few easy ways to do this include:

    • Share patient success stories with before and after photos – especially if they’ve had a smile makeover, while still being HIPAA-compliant.
    • Highlight the latest collection of designer frames at your optometry practice.
    • Remind patients of the extra steps you’re still taking to sanitize treatment rooms.
    • Introduce a new service, like telehealth visits.
    • Post short videos of your team, so patients get to know you “behind the scenes.”
    • Run a fun contest and give away a prize.
    • Post a three-question patient survey asking what patients want most from their dental, eye care, or healthcare professional.

    We talk to practice managers all the time, and the ones who are engaging with patients through their business Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages tell us that patients love to see two things: patient success stories and a more personal/fun side of the staff. Personalizing the experience can go a long way in making patients feel welcome at your practice, so when you send out that patient recall letter or email, they’ll be much more receptive and actually look forward to scheduling their next appointment!

    Educate patients about their dental, vision, and overall health through newsletters.

    Part of a successful recall program is reminding patients that their health is your top priority. Educate them on the importance of screenings for oral cancer, glaucoma, and other conditions that can often be detected early through routine exams. 

    Create newsletters that focus on detecting the early warning signs of a particular condition. Then remind patients of the services and treatments you offer to help combat or protect them from those conditions. Give them a timeline of when they should schedule their initial appointment, follow-up, and treatments as needed. 

    You can also use newsletters to announce a new service or product you offer, and invite them to “be one of the first” to schedule an appointment for this new opportunity. Follow up with automated reminders and include a link to your online scheduling platform.

    Use automated patient recall software to fill your schedule.

    If you’re still manually calling all those patients on your list who need to get back in for an exam or a particular treatment, you’re spending way too much time on the phone! With today’s technology, that’s totally unnecessary. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, and a good recall system allows you to do that. 

    Instead of spending hours a day calling patients, or trying to squeeze in calling patients for recall during your lunch break, spend less than 30 minutes a day on recall activities. As a savvy office manager, leverage personalized, targeted text messages that automatically remind particular groups of patients to come in for particular types of services. 

    In addition to all the time you’ll save when you automate recall messaging, you might also be amazed at the boost in revenue you generate while you’re busy doing something else – like providing the best possible patient experience for everyone in the office. 

    Patient recall is easy when you have the right tools and when you’re already making an effort to connect with patients in other ways. When the time comes to get then back into the office, they’ll be used to hearing from you through a variety of platforms, and eager to schedule their next appointment.

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    Karla Socci Somers

    Karla Socci Somers

    Karla Socci Somers has been working as a marketing professional for the healthcare industry since 2014, and before that, she wrote content and designed logos for a variety of small businesses. Her educational and professional backgrounds include interpersonal communications, interest-based negotiation, conflict management, and graphic design. Karla has an affinity for rescuing German Shepherd Dogs who need extra help socializing with their humans.

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