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Solutionreach Launches into Chiropractor Offices

Posted on Oct 09, 2012 by Solutionreach


    The wait is over! Solutionreach has deployed its innovative, pioneering patient engagement software for Chiropractors.

    Keep your eyes open for future additions to the Solutionreach web site highlighting appointment reminders for Chiropractors, patient recare for Chiropractors, patient reactivation for Chiropractors, marketing tools for Chiropractors, and much more!

    With Solutionreach, Chiropractors can use automated newsletters and patient emailing to inform patients of exclusive products and offers, further growing business.

    From patient surveys to social media to online reviews, Solutionreach provides all the tools a Chiropractor needs to build their practice and fill their schedules.

    Don’t forget that you could get a slice of the pie when you refer a Chiropractor to Solutionreach. A quick $500 is totally worth it!

    For weekly advice to help Chiropractors improve patient engagement, check out the Chiropractor Practice Marketing Blog at www.chiropractorpracticemarketing.wordpress.com.

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