Founded in 2000, Durham Chiropractic is a small practice with one provider and just three office staff. However, when it comes to providing a great patient experience size doesn’t matter. What matters is thinking about what patients want and how to provide it. They want to give the best care and service. Their mission is, “To inspire our community to become active participants in their health journey and discover optimal wellness through exceptional chiropractic care.” That’s why the practice switched to Solutionreach in 2014. It provided the tools they needed to communicate with patients and make sure they showed up to their appointments.

Case Study

When Laurinda Reed, office manager at Durham Chiropractic, joined the practice in 2013, they were already using a system for patient communication. “l didn’t love it,” she says. “Then, I saw Solutionreach. It did so much more and just sounded better, so we signed up.”

They were looking for a better way to remind patients about appointments and reduce no-shows. The no-show rate before Solutionreach was a bit over five percent. They felt like if they could reach patients in the way they preferred—text, email, or phone—they could get that lower. And, they were right. The no-show rate now is about three percent.

The big difference was offering text, which Laurinda says is what most patients want. It’s why they added two-way text messaging as well. “Patients love it, especially once they realize that we actually read every message,” she adds. “It’s so much more personal. We stay professional, but the communication feels personal and not stiff like a doctor’s office.”

It also saves time for the staff. According to Laurinda, “We spend much less time on the phone, and we’ve removed the awkwardness of using email and all the replying and back and forth that is very time-consuming. The option to text is so streamlined and wonderful and we use it all the time.”

Solutionreach has helped Durham keep their schedule full as well through automated recall. “A lot of what we do is acute care or maintenance, and many people book those appointments when they are in the office,” Laurinda explains. “But sometimes they don’t, and Solutionreach catches people who have waited too long and haven’t booked, and automatically reaches out, saving us a step.”

Laurinda adds that it is very effective at getting those people to book and keeping the schedule full. “We rely on it to make sure patients show up and the schedule is full,” she says.

They also use the system for other types of communication. They have automated post appointment surveys that have about a 12 percent response rate. This allows them to see patients’ feedback and track how they’re doing. They don’t send We know they are getting their reminders and if they will show up or not. I see other office managers complain about no-shows and I always say, ‘You should get Solutionreach. It always works. You can set it and forget it or customize all you want. It’s easy to use, and it gets better all the time.”

Overall, Laurinda loves Solutionreach and has never considered switching. “It takes a lot of the busy work out of the day and allows us to focus on patients in the office,” Laurinda says. “It takes all the worry out of tracking patients and making sure they show up.