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                      PRM is absolutely what you need to build and grow your dermatology practice. 

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                      Practice Management Software Designed For Dermatologists  

                      Every dermatologist wants an efficient, bustling, successful practice. Easier said than done! It's hard to find the time to connect with patients while running a business. Even the happiest patients sometimes don’t remember when their next appointment is, and no-shows can happen if they don’t receive a reminder.

                      That's why we're here. Solutionreach developed a patient relationship management (that’s the “PRM”) platform that’s built specifically with the dermatology practice in mind. Features like automated appointment reminders, skin care scheduling software, recalls, and patient satisfaction surveys help you stay on top of patient communication, satisfaction, and retention. We’ll also support practice marketing efforts through promotional emails and online reputation management tools.

                      Here’s a little taste of what we’re bringing to the table:

                      Dermatology Patient Access

                      Easy access is so important to today’s patients. Paying bills, scheduling appointments, appointment reminders, etc. The truth is that most dermatology patients have come to expect this easy access. Check out how we’ve taken patient convenience to a whole new level.

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                      Skin Care Patient Reminders

                      Who wants to spend most of their day calling patients? That’s way too tedious. Using automation to do the work for you is much more efficient. But when automating the process, you need to be careful to not sacrifice the power of the reminders. So Solutionreach is careful to send:

                      • The Right Message – customizable content
                      • At the Right Time – automatically sent at strategic times chosen by the practice
                      • Delivered the Right Way – based on patient preferences: text, phone, or email

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                      Patient Satisfaction

                      Happy skin care patients always seem to find a way back to your practice. We want to help you find ways to make ALL of your patients happy. Get the feedback you need to take action and make real, measurable improvements in your practice.

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                      “I cannot hire an employee to do what Solutionreach does for me. I highly recommend it!”

                      - Joy Trotter, Manager, Aspen Dermatology


                      Dermatology Patient Education

                      You can't just connect with a patient during their appointment. Educating your dermatology patients all year long is critical to patient retention. What do they want to hear? Is it skin care tips? Additional information about a particular procedure? Use Solutionreach’s patient education tools to ensure patients know what they need to know.

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                      Practice Marketing

                      The Solutionreach platform makes marketing to your dermatology patients easy. You can introduce new procedures to your current patients, use patient mapping tools to find new patients and much, much more. Learn how Solutionreach marketing tools will grow your practice.

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                      Skin Care Provider Reputation

                      It's time to shine online. Solutionreach’s platform has a complete approach to looking amazing online. It puts the spotlight on all of the wonderful things your current patients are saying about you.

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                      Automated reminders and notifications make a difference!