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                        Simplify patient communications for group practices.

                        Overseeing multiple healthcare offices is both challenging and stressful. Using the right patient engagement software with multi-location features makes it easier. Consistently create a better patient experience across your entire organization and take the complexity out of the equation.

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                        Successful patient communication in group practices

                        Do you feel frustrated without an efficient way to communicate with patients and create consistent messaging across locations? It’s a common complaint among leaders of group practices. Imagine streamlining these processes with a patient management platform that makes your job easier. Get daily tasks done faster and feel fulfilled because you now have time to focus on growing your organization.

                        One convenient log-in to manage all practices.


                        Want to take a look at text messaging within an individual practice? Need to send a message to a targeted group of patients? Maybe you need to pull reports for one or a group of practices. With the convenience of a single log-in to access all of your practices, you can quickly and easily run reports, update permissions, and more to support your offices.

                        Marketing and newsletters simplified.

                        Easily send out information, make announcements, and create brand consistency. Templates let you click and send a quick update, or you can customize newsletters and run campaigns like a pro – no graphic design expertise needed.

                        Quickly create consistency across practices.

                        Set up your patient relationship software for multiple locations, simultaneously, and you’re up and running in no time. When you acquire new offices, easily expedite practice onboarding and spend less time getting everyone up to speed.

                        A setup that mirrors your organization.

                        Set up and manage the Solutionreach platform exactly the way that makes the most sense for your organization. Change the organizational structure, create users, manage permissions, run reports, access two-way text conversations for each location, and create and edit all messaging from one simple dashboard.

                        Two-way text messaging.

                        Centralized, two-way text messaging keeps all practices on-brand and facilitates better communication to nurture patient relationships. Support compliance with our easy-to-use HIPAA consent tool. Even after normal business hours, respond to texts with automated messaging and keep the conversations going.

                        Insight on all levels.

                        Easily request and download categorized reports of the information you want to see. Gain practice-specific or organization-wide insight, so you can adjust and refine processes to improve results.

                        Your newest team member: Solutionreach for multiple locations.

                        Before coming to Solutionreach, customers tell us that as leaders of enterprise organizations, feeling stressed and overburdened is just something that comes with the territory. They wish they had one centralized platform to create consistent communication with patients throughout the multi-location organization. They wish technology could support their efforts instead of making things more complicated.

                        Over the past 20 years, we’ve partnered with thousands of healthcare organizations and refined our patient engagement software for group practices to better support professionals like you. With Solutionreach, you can set up, collect, and compare data across multiple practices, locations, or regions from one easy-to-use platform. You can send batch messages, run reports, and provide consistency for a truly better patient experience at all your offices.

                        When you turn your busywork over to Solutionreach and give your practice managers the tools to automate their time-consuming tasks – patient recall, appointment and payment reminders, and so much more – it’s like every office has a new, dedicated team member! Our enterprise patient relationship software will help you feel less burdened and more accomplished at the end of the day.

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                        Practice Testimonials

                        How does Solutionreach stack up?

                        Want to learn more about partnering with Solutionreach to simplify patient communications throughout your organization? Download this report to read what our customers and analysts have to say.




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