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                        Improve patient communication to reduce no-shows and make more money.

                        Get the technology, and the expertise, to ensure your success.

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                        Send the right message the right way at the right time for maximum impact.

                        Whether you’re trying to get patients to show up or leave a review or follow your instructions, it’s all about making sure you get the communication right. And no one knows how to do that better than we do. We’ve been doing this longer, and we communicate with more patients, than anyone else. We give you the technology, and the expertise, to get it right every time. No wonder 81 percent of practices say they can communicate better with their patients thanks to Solutionreach.

                        Reduce Patient No-Shows

                        For an independent practice, every appointment matters. A no-show rate of more than 10 percent can have a big impact on your bottom line. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Half the practices using Solutionreach have a no-show rate of less than five percent and over 80 percent have a no-show rate of less than 10 percent. We know how to communicate with patients to ensure they show up on time and prepared. Learn more about appointment reminders.

                        Solutionreach: Helping You Provide Better Care and Make More Money

                        Solutionreach is 100 percent focused on providing the technology, and the expertise on how to effectively use it, to deliver better care and build a more profitable practice. We did it first, and after nearly 20 years, we’re continuing to lead the way.


                        Improve Patient Communication

                        Patient communication covers a lot more territory than reminders. There is a proven formula for success, and we’ve found it. Reducing no-shows is just one piece. You also need to get more patients scheduling more appointments and filling those last minute openings. We know how to make that happen. Practices that use our automated recare system, increase revenue by as much as $95,000 per provider.

                        Get More Patients

                        More than 40 percent of independent practices say that their top marketing priority is getting more patients. We know the best way to do that is by getting more patient reviews and referrals. Improving patient communication improves patient experience. Those happy patients will leave you a review or give you a referral if you just ask. We make asking easy. Find out more about how to get more patients.


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                        Discover 5 Ways to Personalize Patient Experience without Adding Work

                        This webinar has the answers. Discover some simple strategies to personalize the patient experience.