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DMscore™ is just like your FICO™ score and measures your digital marketing performance and local competition for dental practices.

Want to grow your practice as fast as possible? More than ever, today’s dental practices depend on digital marketing to find new customers and retain old ones. To do that, you must make a meaningful impression where it matters the most: on platforms your patients and prospects trust and use on a daily basis - Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yelp. And you need to stay on top of your DMscore as it changes all the time!

DMscore (Digital Marketing Score) is a new way of measuring and monitoring your digital marketing performance and local competition. It has been created by those who helped define the digital marketing industry, and is objective just like your FICO score. And, for Solutionreach customers, it’s completely FREE to use. Analyze and track your performance, as well as the performance of your competition. Perhaps you do your own marketing, or, if you're already working with a digital agency, how do you evaluate whether or not they're doing a good job for you? Keeping track of your DMscore and our marketing performance metrics will provide you with invaluable insights into your practice's strengths and weaknesses - how well you're doing versus your local competitors.

But first you need to start by knowing and understanding your own DMscore to see how you compare. So, what’s your score? And what are your competitors scores? Click the link below to find out!

Key Benefits

See how you're doing versus your top local competitors. Just like your FICO score, our numbers are 100% objective. Our platform collects, breaks down and consolidates complicated analytics into simple scores and meaningful metrics. Actionable, prioritized recommendations make it easy to understand what you need to improve, and point you to the most effective means to do it.

Choose between fixing the problems yourself, or utilizing our vetted partners to do it for you. Follow our simple, streamlined process – we’ll guide you all the way!

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