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Key Benefits

Using content-as-a-service, Healthline helps providers cover that last mile in patient engagement. Providers can license customized, condition-specific content calendars that map articles, tips, and information over the course of 52 weeks. Patients can access high-quality, medically accurate content that’s relevant to their unique health journey via the platforms they frequent (email, text, and provider apps) for maximum engagement. Examples include:

  • Type 2 Diabetes: From diet tracking to medication management, people with type 2 diabetes face daily challenges. Our content offers information, education, and inspiration for every aspect of their lives — from treatment and diet to exercise and mental health — making it easier for them to manage their condition.
  • Knee Replacement Surgery: People undergoing knee replacement need encouragement, support, and, most importantly, accurate information to help them prepare for the road ahead. Our content helps guide them through the decision-making process to surgery and rehabilitation, with helpful tips along the way to help them make a healthy recovery.
  • Pregnancy: Expecting parents experience a variety of emotions, questions, and concerns as they prepare for baby. Our content guides, educates, encourages, and inspires parents as they enter this next phase of life.
  • Gastro intestinal (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease): A GI diagnosis can raise many questions and considerations for a person who’s been recently diagnosed. From treatment info to self-care tips, our weekly content helps to cut through the static and offers timely, credible information and support when patients need it most.

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