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Patient Prism Missed Opportunities

Patient Prism Re-Engage Lost Opportunity Example

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Turn Missed Opportunities into Booked Appointments

Patient Prism is an award-winning call tracking and call-coaching program that analyzes new patient phone calls, identifies individuals who end the call without booking, and provides rapid training to win them back—all within one hour. It leverages artificial intelligence, experienced call coaches, and quick training videos from top industry experts to provide fast, actionable insights designed to generate immediate results.

  • Receive an alert within an hour of a potential patient not booking
  • Discover where the call went wrong—without listening to the recording
  • Change staff behaviors that cause your office to lose new patients
  • Review detailed coaching tips and effective phrasing for each situation
  • Recapture lost opportunities
  • Generate new patient revenue

See Which Marketing Investments Are Working

  • Track inbound calls to see how patients are finding you
  • Discover which services they are requesting on the phone
  • Receive rapid call analysis and easy-to-understand reports

Patient Prism’s patented technology eliminates the need to listen to call recordings and provides detailed information that individual dental practices and DSOs use to optimize marketing, operations, staff behavior, and the patient experience.

Service / Product

  • New Patient Acquisition
  • Call Tracking & Call Coaching
  • Call Conversion
  • Front Office Training



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