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You don’t have time to worry about making sure patients show up.

Let us take that off your hands.

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Solutionreach gives you the tools you need to get the results you want.

Getting your patients through the door is more than half the battle. Solutionreach equips medical practices with the right digital tools to more effectively connect you and your patients. The net effect is more confirmations and appointments kept. Our solution lets you spend time where it matters most—building great patient relationships that foster loyalty and fuel practice growth.

Medical Practice Reminders

Your patients lead busy lives and it’s difficult to reach them. We get it. Solutionreach enables you to send automated reminder messages and similar communications at a proven cadence to increase confirmations and reduce no-shows. We’ll unburden your staff from time-consuming, mundane reminder tasks so they can concentrate on interacting with patients. Automation plus reminders equal a full appointment schedule.

Medical Practice Recall

Bringing patients back for critical things like preventive care and chronic care management can be a tricky business. Simplify and streamline your recall activities with Solutionreach’s automated recall feature to help you make sure patients get the followup care they need. Don’t sideline your recare because staff are swamped—apply digital tools to make your reactivation efforts more productive.

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Medical Practice Patient Satisfaction

When your patients are happy, it’s reflected in your satisfaction survey scores. Our patient survey feature makes the entire process easier for you and patients through automated, targeted, and customizable surveys sent digitally to patients. Increase your survey completion rate and get the feedback you need to make improvements and power your retention efforts.

Medical Practice Reputation Management

Acquiring new patients in an overcrowded market can be daunting. Solutionreach’s reputation management features allow you to easily track and benchmark competitors’ online presence and garner your practice more 5-star patient reviews that differentiate you from the competition. Don’t leave patient acquisition to chance—get a leg up on the other guys and grow your business.

No-shows no more!

Sounds great, right? Let's make it happen.