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                      Education all year long.

                      Give patients the information they need to stay on track.

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                      Ophthalmology Patient Outreach via eNewsletters

                      Keeping patients engaged and active in their healthcare is a sure-fire way to boost satisfaction. It also helps keep patients coming back. 

                      Consistent eNewsletters are a great way to stay engaged with your patients between visits. The Solutionreach platform provides a wide variety of professionally designed eNewsletters that can be customized for your practice. Write your own content or use any of the pre-written articles about eye care topics to bridge the communication gap between you and your patients.

                      Effective Communication = Exceptional Customer Service

                      Dr. Joel Sollom of Focused Eye Care, in Lakeville, MN, tells how Solutionreach's effective communication tools help his practice achieve exceptional customer service.


                      Care Adherence

                      Patients who are successful in their treatment are much more likely to return to your practice, recommend you to friends, and give you positive reviews online. But without an education strategy and consistent patient communication between visits, patients are much more likely to stray from their personal care plans.

                      Solutionreach provides tools such as newsletters, social media integration, and patient reminders to ensure your patients are receiving targeted educational content—prescription information, wellness information, and more—and not missing crucial follow-up appointments.

                      Patients' responsibility is increasing all throughout healthcare. Take advantage of Solutionreach’s patient education tools to enable greater care plan adherence in your practice.

                      Education is essential.

                      Learn the must-haves for an effective program.