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                        Get a better take on patient intake.

                        Digital patient check-in saves time and money, and it's more efficient to boot.

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                        SR Intake offers a customizable, digital patient intake process that is easy and convenient for you and your patients.

                        Paper is a pain. It’s expensive and inefficient. It can cause delays at check in, putting your office behind schedule. Duplicate data entry can cause billing errors and claim denials. Paper can take up as much as three percent of annual revenue. And patients hate paper because it’s tedious and inconvenient, creating a poor experience. No wonder 51 percent say they prefer a doctor who lets them fill out paperwork online.

                        Patient Intake Forms

                        Save time for practice staff and patients, reduce paper-related costs, and eliminate errors from duplicate data entry at check-in with SR Intake. It’s a better take on intake for you and your patients.

                        • Manage and customize the intake process to get exactly the information you need.
                        • Send a link via text or email for patients to complete intake at their convenience.
                        • Offer an option to complete intake electronically in the office using one of your devices.
                        • Automatically upload completed information and write back data to your practice management or EHR software or the Solutionreach platform.
                        • Stay HIPAA compliant and protect patient data.

                        SR Intake

                        A Better Take On Intake for You and Your Patients. SR Intake helps you eliminate paper, reduce errors, and save time with a digital check-in process that's convenient for your practice and patients. 


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