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Streamline patient intake by…

Ditching the clipboard and sending a text instead.

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The patient intake process shouldn’t be so time-consuming.

Patient intake is essential, but it can be an inefficient process. It leads to check-in delays and can put your whole office behind schedule. And for your patients, filling out forms is a tedious, inconvenient task that contributes to a negative experience. With today’s software, patient intake shouldn’t be a burden for anyone.

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Calm the chaos with digital intake forms and patient check-in software.

Create a patient experience that exceeds patient expectations. Automatically send electronic patient intake forms and let patients complete them from wherever they are and whenever it's convenient.

Make patients happy.

More than 50% of patients prefer a provider who offers the option of filling out forms online. Get patients checked in and ready for their visit in a way that’s more efficient and enjoyable than a stack of paperwork. 

Eliminate errors.

Sixty-one percent of insurance claim denials are the result of incorrect data entry from paper forms. Customized digital intake forms and patient registration software help eliminate these mistakes.

Reduce germs and save money. 

Paper intake forms, clipboards, and pens are at worst unhygienic, and at best a waste of valuable resources. Reduce germs and save money without extra effort.

Experience our Patient Intake Software


Introducing...your newest team member, SR Intake.

No one wants to download an app, sign into a portal, or fill out a large stack of paper intake forms. Even fewer staff members want to deal with intake forms between appointments as they greet hurried customers, address last-minute insurance questions, and answer the phone. Make life easier for everyone and let SR Intake do the heavy lifting. 

SR Intake, our HIPAA compliant patient intake software, makes it easy to...

  • Manage and customize the intake process to get the exact information you need
  • Automate intake by attaching forms to email and/or text messages
  • Offer an option to complete intake in the office using one of your devices
  • Automatically upload completed information and write back data to certain practice management or EHR software systems*, or the Solutionreach platform

**SR Intake, a timesaver for all customers, includes an automated demographic information write-back feature for Open Dental, Eaglesoft, and Nextech (API version) and Dentrix (beta).

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A better take on intake. Here's what our customers say...

Learn how easy it is to collect patient data electronically.

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Streamline the check-in process with our free guide

Read, “4 Lessons About a Smooth Check-In Process from the Hotel Industry” and discover how you can use technology to reduce wait times and boost patient satisfaction.

Chaos conquered together!

You can keep struggling with the chaos of patient communications, scheduling, no-shows, and time-consuming office tasks, or you can hand over the busywork to Solutionreach and be the boss of office chaos. The choice is yours.




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