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Collecting patient payments is as easy as sending a text.

Send a reminder text. Patients click. You’re paid.


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Getting on-time payments shouldn't be so hard.

You know how important it is to collect payments in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the reality is that it often takes months of your time and energy to actually receive the money you are due! And, that’s time you don’t have. With today’s patient payment solutions, you should be able to get paid without a hassle.

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Use text-to-pay to collect payments.

As a forward-thinking office, take advantage of the same platform you use for SMS messaging to collect payment and send patient payment reminders by text.

Save time

Spend less time preparing billing statements by sending quick text-to-pay reminders directly to patients’ phones.

Get paid faster

Eighty percent of patients would like to use a digital tool to pay their healthcare bills. When you offer patients a payment solution they prefer, they’ll pay faster.

Recover revenue  

After 60 days, you only recover 60 percent of an unpaid healthcare bill. Letting patients pay through text speeds up that process, leading to a higher collection rate and more revenue. You’ll also save money on postage.

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Introducing...your newest team member, SR Pay.

We’ve learned from offices like yours that it can take up to three paper statements to collect payment from each patient. Giving your patients the option to pay through text is a game-changer. By simply texting a payment reminder, you can receive payments within minutes instead of months.

SR Pay, our secure payment texting platform, makes it easy to...

  • Sends balance notices directly to a patient’s phone
  • Provide a direct link for patients to access a secure payment screen
  • Let patients send payment in a matter of minutes with a debit, credit, HSA, or FSA card
  • Put money directly into your practice’s bank account


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Text, click, get paid! Here’s what our customers say...

See how easy it is to collect payments.


Check “chase down payments” off your to-do list with our free guide

Read, “4 Ways to Modernize Your Patient Payment Process” and discover how you can use technology to boost patient satisfaction and improve your bottom line.

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