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                        The PRM Platform

                        It's so much more than managing patient relationships. Modernize patient communications with one solution.

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                        The Solutionreach PRM platform


                        Solutionreach’s PRM platform includes a variety of features that give providers, support staff, and others the ability to communicate and engage in a data-driven and highly controlled manner...all while delivering the “wow” factor to patients.


                        Totally Flexible and Customizable.

                        You’re in the driver’s seat here. Set up and manage the Solutionreach PRM platform in exactly the way that makes the most sense for your organization.

                        Hierarchies and Specialties Management: It’s your organization. Your PRM software vendor should get that. With Solutionreach, you can organize and manage your PRM platform in a way that best mirrors your organization’s structure—by location, by specialty, etc.

                        Roles and Permissions: Same goes for controlling user access. Create different roles to match the roles of people accessing the system and give users the appropriate levels of access.

                        User Admin and Single Sign-On: You’ll eliminate the need for users to remember multiple passwords, and you’ll be able to turn off access to the system when team members leave the organization.

                        Get Every Message Right & Know They Are Working

                        Get the right message to the right patient in the right way every time. And, make sure they doing what they are supposed to do.

                        Message Delivery Manager: Any type of message. Any volume. The robust, scalable PRM platform has it covered. And as new delivery channels become available, we’ll add them to help you further improve your patient reach and their experience.

                        Dynamic Messaging: Make every patient message count. Adjust content and delivery based on user preference, appointment type, provider, specialty, etc.

                        Customizable Fields: PM/EMR capabilities shouldn’t limit opportunities for engagement. Gather and add important information on patients, providers, appointments, and more.

                        Analytics Services: What’s working? What needs to be adjusted? Leverage data science to identify and act upon trends among specialties, locations, and more.

                        SyncAssure: SyncAssure is the unsung hero of patient communication, totally changing the game in how your practice management system integrates with Solutionreach. It’s scalable, reliable, and performing at a whole new level. Find out more about how we’re proactively monitoring and preparing to quickly fix any hiccups.

                        Never Miss a Beat

                        You’re rocking with great patient communication, and we’ll make sure you always know when you need to respond to a message or follow up with a patient. More than that, Solutionreach makes it easy to update other staff with great interoffice communication tools too.

                        Action List: We get it. There’s a lot to remember day to day when running a healthcare organization. That’s why the Solutionreach Action List keeps track of all those pending to-dos. Take care of a bunch of tasks all at once and throughout the day as they come up. Anyone with access can review appointment confirmations, respond to texts, and more.

                        Interoffice Communication: SR Huddle creates a virtual “water cooler” for your staff—only better. They can talk one-on-one or create customer groups. It simplifies and speeds up intra-office communication so no one is out of the loop. Find out more.

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