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Solutionreach has the technology.

Yep, we listened to our customers.
And you know what? It helped us build the best technology platform on the market.

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We provide the technology to get the right message to the right patient at the right time.

Solutionreach Platform Features

Right patients, right message, right time. Solutionreach provides everything a practice needs to nail every part of that patient relationship management equation in one solution. We'll also provide the ability to improve intra-office communication and collaboration to manage it all. See how it all comes together.

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We know every practice is unique. That’s why there are hundreds of practice management and electronic health record solutions out there. We want to make sure we can support any practice.
And we do.

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Solutionreach—“A Suite of Solutions”

Dr. Stewart Samuel and Leslie Tarver of Allied Physicians Group explain how the recall feature of Solutionreach, which integrates with their practice management system, led to a $5.2M return on their investment.


User Experience

While you need to be “all-in” to make the most of the Solutionreach partnership, we’ve done our best to make it flexible and user-friendly for providers, staff, and and patients. You can go with our best practice recommendations and pre-sets or customize to your heart’s delight.

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R&D Investment

Industry leaders don’t get there by accident. They continue to evolve their technology and make the investments to push it harder and faster. We’re no different. We’re betting on ourselves here and doubling-down on our ability to drive significant revenue growth for our customers.

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No-shows no more!

Sounds great, right? Find out how to make it a reality.