Building, maintaining, and managing a productive schedule all day, every day, can be more challenging today than ever before.

Discover new secrets for every member of the team for keeping the schedule on track in today’s environment including:

  • Today’s Scheduling Mistakes that invite patients to cancel
  • What the doctor may be saying that is creating a cancellation problem
  • Why hygiene patients cancel more often and what you can do to STOP it
  • No more “confirmation” calls and why
  • The two secret words that will get more people to keep their appointments
  • E-mail, text, phone, or postcard appointment reminders: which is more effective?
  • Each team member’s role in helping patients keep their commitments

And much, much more!

As a founder of the Total Patient Service Institute and Crown Council,
Steven J. Anderson works with top practices to dramatically increase case acceptance and practice word-of-mouth marketing. Discover what the best performing practices are doing NOW to manage a successful schedule in today’s environment.