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                        Messaging your patients just got a whole lot easier!

                        The SR Enable patient scheduling API allows hospitals, large medical systems, and EHR companies to integrate the Solutionreach platform into their existing EHR software. Reach patients quicker and more effectively through a text with SR Enable.

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                        Simplify your workflow—and your workload—and connect with patients more promptly for improved patient engagement results. No matter the message, SR Enable has got you covered! 


                        Let your appointment reminder API do the work so you don’t have to.

                        Avoid the complexity and hassle of switching between multiple apps or tools to reach your patients. SR Enable’s telehealth messaging API (application program interface) gives you the power and flexibility to send texts, emails, and voice calls directly from your EHR.



                        Expedite and streamline your existing patient engagement workflows.

                        SR Enable simplifies your appointment workflows so you can spend less time shuffling between apps and more time connecting with patients. Reduce the time it takes staff to interact with patients.

                        Unlimited messaging capabilities at your fingertips.

                        Whether you want to send a text or email to an individual patient or a group of patients, SR Enable lets you send messages directly from your EHR for any purpose.

                        • Appointment reminders? Check.
                        • Pre-visit instructions or post-visit care instructions and surveys? Check.
                        • Reschedule appointments due to clinician illness or severe weather through a group text message? Check.
                        • Launch a secure chat or video call to discuss next steps? Check.

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                        Connect with patients the way they prefer—with a text or email.

                        Ditch the annoyance and fuss of messaging your patients through a portal or phone call. Nearly 80 percent of patients want to receive texts from their practice. SR Enable let’s you interact directly with your patients to get more confirmations and reduce no-shows.

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                        No-shows no more!

                        Sounds great, right? Find out how to make it a reality.