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How to Send Your Practice to the Social Media Graveyard

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 by Solutionreach

    5 Social Media No-Nos


    Creating a presence for your practice on social media doesn’t just consist of setting up your Twitter and Facebook profiles and then occasionally tweeting, retweeting and/or resharing posts. That may have been somewhat adequate a couple of years ago, but times have changed. Becoming and staying relevant and visible in the social media world today requires a significant and consistent investment of time, creativity, research, engagement, and monitoring.

    Engaging with fans on a regular basis, keeping your content consistent and maintaining a familiar tone are all important aspects of effective social media growth. It’s easy to fall into certain types of habits as you engage on social media, and often times, those habits end up being completely counterproductive.They do the exact opposite of what you are working so hard to achieve, and they can be the reason people are getting turned off and sending you to their social media graveyard.

    If you are noticing that you seem to be losing more followers than is acceptable to you, check to see if you’re guilty of any of these Social Media No-No’s.

    No-No #1: Your Content Isn’t Attention-Grabbing
    This is a no-brainer. If you’re content is irrelevant for the times, your industry, or just flat out has no draw factor, your followers will scroll right past your post. Put a bit of thought and research into your posts. Everyone likes to hear the latest and greatest. Keep your social media content engaging with trending news and the most recent product releases. Offer a great deal or discount periodically, or run an online contest for a chance to win a prize for liking a particular post you are wanting to get as many eyeballs on as possible.

    No-No #2: You Don’t Sound Genuine or Real
    Remember your followers are people who are interested in building a new or deeper relationship with you and your practice. With that in mind, don’t let your posts read like they are coming from a robot or like you copied it from a formally-written article. Write them so they feel like they are coming from you as their doctor rather than a business. Include content that shows your genuine care and concern for supporting their health and well-being.

    No-No #3: You Show Up In Their Feed Way Too Often
    A sure-fire and quick way to lose your social media followers is by over-posting. If you are a major brand or corporation, you can get away with posting every hour, but for smaller businesses, it’s ideal to post much more modestly than that. For more specific guidelines for different social media channels, check The Social Media Frequency Guide.

    No-No #4: You Don’t Engage Much

    No one likes feeling like they are talking to outer space (though that would be pretty cool). Monitor your social media platforms regularly, making sure you have notifications set up to let you know when someone has commented on your posts or sent you a message. You want to be quick to thank followers when they engage or rave about you, but unfortunately, there are times when social media apologies will be necessary as well. You want to be able nip negative comments in the bud or quickly put out fires if you should have a disgruntled patient who decides he/she wants to vent on your Facebook page.


    No-No #5: You Are Too Self-Promoting
    Have you ever followed a business that pretty much only tweeted or posted about how great it is? It happens. First and foremost, try to keep your posts from sounding salesy. People get bombarded with sales pitches pretty much every single day. It’s certainly okay to make announcements of new services you are providing or a promotion you are running, but keep your posts mostly educational and entertaining. Posting content that portrays you as a thought leader in your industry is a much more effective way to promote your practice.

    Avoiding these social media no-no’s will help keep you from being counterproductive and more successfully grow your social media following. For a more complete list of Don’t’s as well as Do’s, check out The Social Media Etiquette.

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