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Posted on Dec 28, 2015 by Solutionreach

    3 Strategies for Content Marketing You Haven't Thought of



    Last week, in Part 1 of Content Marketing strategies, we looked at using email to convey content that promotes your practice. This week, we’ll look at other options for delivering a powerful message to current and potential clients. First, let’s review what content marketing is. Content marketing is an approach focused on creating and disseminating valuable, relevant, and consistent content that helps you attract and retain patients.

    While email is an effective marketing strategy by allowing you to send valuable content such as newsletters and articles to your past, present, and future clients, let’s look at some other productive possibilities for content marketing:

      • Using a Patient Portal, you can archive newsletters and other resources so that content is never lost. This allows your patients to have instant access to resources you want them to have and increases the value of your services to them.

      • Your social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are critical vehicles for reaching the masses with informative, educational articles. Utilizing a Facebook page supported by your Twitter account can be an incredibly successful means of generating interest in your practice.

    • By taking advantage of Patient Acquisition Tools, you can turn that interest into action. Encouraging happy patients to leave reviews or tweet about their experience, you can add content that’s meaningful to prospective patients who can then refer friends and family to your site, or encourage them to schedule appointments using an automated appointment scheduler.

    When you provide your patients and prospective patients with meaningful information and disseminate it with a consistent message across several platforms, you’ll find that patients respond more favorably because their perception of value has been increased. And for potential patients, you demonstrate a genuine interest in their needs and concerns by offering high-value information as a courtesy to them. Practice marketing becomes a service to your patients rather than an intrusion into their lives. 

    By applying the basic principles of content marketing, you can elevate your marketing plan to a new level and create good-will with former, current, and potential patients. You can spread a consistent message that is both valuable and informative, and you can provide an added benefit to those you serve.

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