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Perks for Practices Using Integrated Texting Solutions Part 2 of 2

Posted on Jan 12, 2017 by Solutionreach

    In the previous blog post, we discussed the ways a healthcare practice benefits from taking advantage of a texting solution that is integrated with the existing patient management system. But increased practice efficiency is not the only benefit. Texting patients also improves the patient experience by making it easier for them to connect with their provider, receive quick and accurate responses, and increases the level of care they receive. A better patient experience increases the likelihood patients will return to your practice.

    Patients prefer text messages

    Patient Convenience

    A texting solution that does not require patients to download an app or register for a portal is easy for patients to use. A text message with upcoming appointment information lets the patient quickly confirm or reschedule an office visit when it’s convenient for them. Enabling the existing practice number to send and receive texts also means that patients don’t have to wait for the practice to text them. The patient can text their questions to the number they would usually call, and receive a text message response from someone in the practice. Eliminating the need for a phone call makes it easier for the patient to connect with their healthcare provider, and increases the efficiency in the practice.


    When a text is received, office staff will receive an alert on their desktop allowing them to respond quickly from their computer. The incoming messages can be flagged, making it easy for the staff to see which messages need their immediate attention and respond to them first. When the texting solution is integrated with the patient database, office staff can also recognize if the text is coming from an existing patient, or a potential new patient.

    Integrated texting solution improves patient experience

    Improved Care

    The most important benefit of an integrated texting solution is the increase in the level of care providers are able to give their patients. Providers can ensure they are staying in communication with all of their patients by reminding them to schedule or show up to appointments and answering their questions. Providers can also offer a better patient experience to the patients already in their office. Texting patients is a quick way to give them the information they need, and it reduces the amount of time practice staff must spend on the phone. Less time spent on the phone means more time interacting face-to-face with patients in the practice.

    To learn more about improving the patient experience through an integrated texting solution, click here.

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