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Segment Patients to Send Relevant and Timely Information

Posted on Jan 18, 2017 by Solutionreach

    send relevant patient education materialEvery patient is different, and their medical needs and conditions will require different information from their healthcare provider. Segmenting the patient population on a variety of criteria, such as medical diagnosis, age, or gender can help your practice get the best results from the messages you send.

    Relevant information

    Not all information is going to be relevant to every patient.  For example, information on women’s health services a medical practice offers, or the different denture options available at a dental practice will only be pertinent to specific segments of a patient population. It’s important to determine which patients will benefit from the material being provided, and only send the message to the targeted audience. If patients continually receive emails or text messages containing information that doesn’t relate to them, eventually they will quit reading the messages your practice sends.

    Some information will be relevant to every patient in your database, such as holiday office hours or general health information, and those messages are appropriate to send to every patient.  But it is important to determine who will benefit from the content, and only send the message to those patients.

    Timely information

    segment the patient database to send timely informationJust as it is important to determine who should receive each message, it is also important to determine the best time to send information.  Segmenting the patient population based on the time of their last appointment can help your practice send satisfaction surveys only to those patients who have recently been in the office for a visit. With this same grouping, reminders to schedule an appointment can be sent to patients who are due to be seen again. Luckily, Solutionreach has this part covered.  The Solutionreach platform keeps track of patient appointments, and sends post-appointment surveys and recall messages for you.  Ensuring the messages from your practice are sent at an appropriate time increases the likelihood that patients will read your message and do what you have asked them to do.

    Before a you send a message to your patients, you should establish a few characteristics of the target audience, and then segment your patient database accordingly.  Ensuring you are only communicating relevant and timely information to your patients will increase the effectiveness of the messages that are sent.

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