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Social Media and Staying HIPAA Compliant

Posted on May 17, 2021 by Natalie Marinos


    Sharing authentic, engaging social media content that features patients while staying 100% HIPAA-compliant isn’t as complicated as you may think.

    HIPAA concerns can make any dental professional wary about posting anything patient-related on social media, and understandably so! The guidelines are strict, but there is no reason that HIPAA concerns have to stop your dental practice from sharing valuable patient experiences.

    The truth is, in the age of social media and digital marketing, your practice cannot afford to not give potential patients a transparent look at the kind of experience you will give them. The best way to make an awesome first impression and gain the trust of potential patients is to share authentic photos with real patients and post them on your social pages. Remember, the reason it's so popular for potential patients to visit a dentist's Facebook page is to see the real experience real patients have at your practice. 

    So, how do you have excellent dental social media marketing and stay HIPPA-compliant? It is easier than you might think.

    HIPAA does not have to stop you from posting genuine content with real patients. HIPAA guidelines are there to protect patients, not create a roadblock for you.

    Free download! The dental professional’s quick reference for staying HIPAA-compliant on social media.

    By following a few simple safeguards and ensuring that your entire team is trained on social media guidelines, you can confidently share photos and videos as part of your social media efforts.

    Dental Social Media HIPAA Guidelines

    1. Get a signed consent form from the patient first. This is where you can ensure you are safe to share. Get signed consent from your patient before posting anything. Even after you received a HIPAA social media form, avoid posting as much personal information as possible.

    2. Make sure the team member taking charge of social media in your practice really understands HIPAA. The best strategy is to have only one or two people in charge of posting to your practice's social media pages. The fewer people who have their hands on your pages, the better. Choose team members who have a very clear understanding of HIPAA’s rules and have dedicated time to post and check the activity on your pages.

    3. Write up a social media policy for your practice. Writing up a policy for your practice, and ensuring that everyone on your team is trained on it will help you avoid HIPAA mistakes. Have bi-annual training to make sure everybody is on the same page and familiar with the guidelines.

    Download a Printable HIPAA Authorization Form here!

    People like to do business with people they know, and the My Social Practice provides the best way to share content that showcases the people and culture of your practice, all in 100% compliance with HIPAA.

    Want to learn more about HIPAA-compliance at your practice? Check out this two-minute video:

    HIPAA, Texting, and PHI – OH, My!


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    Natalie Marinos

    Natalie Marinos

    Natalie Marinos is a marketing specialist at My Social Practice, an agency that provides a complete social media marketing solution for dental, orthodontic, and optometric practices. Natalie uses the trust-building capabilities of social media to help businesses connect authentically with their communities and grow their businesses. My Social Practice is a Solutionreach Marketplace partner.

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