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3 Excellent, Creative, Low-Cost Marketing Ideas

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 by Solutionreach




    When considering ways to boost your marketing without destroying your budget, why not consider a few “out of the box” ideas? Every small business (or any business, really) knows that old adage “Time is Money.”  With a little bit of time, small-budget ideas can still yield big-money results. Here are three, easy-to-do, low-cost or no-cost ideas that may work wonders for bringing in new patients to your practice.


    Throughout the year there are a number of opportunities to provide free or discounted screenings or classes to those in your community who may benefit. Back to school in the fall is a great time to provide sports screens, check-ups, and other annual services for patients of all ages. Summer and winter are great times to provide classes on seasonal activities and foods, and provide educational information on healthy options, and proactive treatment or care. Offer samples or instruction during an open house where new patients can visit your location for themselves. Provide flyers to area businesses, and invite current clients to attend and bring guests. And be sure to promote these events on your website as well! With a minimal investment in materials and flyers, you can welcome dozens of new patients to your doorstep and provide an exceptional service to your community.



    A great way to get your name, your office name, and your expertise out into the public is to open an opportunity for potential patients to ask questions to be answered by the healthcare provider from your office. If there are multiple providers in your office, responsibilities can be shared. Potential patients can be guided to ask more generic questions so that HIPAA and confidentiality issues don’t come into play. The provider can select from any of the questions submitted and answer in a general way. This creates trust and shows expertise to the community who may be searching for a provider online.


    Using local media doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money to run ads on TV, radio, or in the newspaper. You can volunteer to lend your expertise to your local media by offering to provide a regular column on a topic in your area of expertise. Local morning talk shows on radio and television often have a weekly feature for community business experts, and newspapers (especially smaller, weekly community-based publications) welcome free content that benefits and supports the areas they serve. Reach out to local media sources and offer your services as a community expert, and you might be surprised to discover how open and welcoming they are to your ideas.

    In addition to providing valuable information to potential patients, you’ll be helping to improve your reputation with current patients as well. Using existing resources, such as your own website and local media, you can minimize your marketing expenses while achieving a maximum reach to your audience. Remember to target your topic and your words to your particular audience, and very soon you should be garnering results.

    For more practice marketing help, as well as tools to help you connect with your patients more effectively, contact one of our amazing Solutionaries today for a free demonstration!

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