No two patients are exactly alike.

Your interactions with them aren't the same either. SR Conversations allows you to focus attention on each and every patient.

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SR Conversations is more than two-way text messaging. So much more. Finally, you can categorize incoming texts and know which ones need your immediate attention. Patients don't have to download an app or register for a portal. The whole thing is just ridiculously easy. 

A True Game-Changer!

It's seamless and easy to use, and your staff and patients will love it. Capture new patients and communicate with current ones. Also, keep your same phone number!



Why It's Awesome for Your Practice

SR Conversations users are finding new benefits to the tool every day, but here are the five that everyone seems to rave about:

  • Prioritize incoming messages - Individual messages can be flagged for easy recognition, so you can sort and prioritize messages and responses. 
  • Use the existing number - SR Conversations takes just a few minutes to set up with your existing phone number and system. There's no need to port your phone number or install extra equipment.
  • Message history - The full thread of text messaging sent between the patient and your practice (including automated messages) can be viewed on the Solutionreach platform, making it easy to track patient interactions. 
  • Sync to the patient database - Providers know instantly which of their existing patients is texting them, or if the message is coming from a potential new patient. 
  • Two-way initiation - Patients can text the practice if they have a question, reducing the number of calls the practice receives. Less time spent on the phone means more time interacting with patients in the office.

“How have we lived this long without it?”

Dr. Ryan Parker with Parker Family Vision Center tells how SR Conversations has made it easy for his practice to connect with millennial-age patients.


Why It's Even Better for Your Patients

All of those reasons SR Conversations is great for your practice carry over to your patients as well. 

  • Prioritize incoming messages - Patients receive a quick response to high-priority messages and additional follow-up if needed. 
  • Use the existing number - Patients only need to save one number on their phone for the practice. When they receive a text, they'll recognize who it's from, increasing their attention and response to the text.
  • Message history - Patients don't need to restate their background each time they text the practice. No matter who in the office is responding to the text, earlier messages can be reviewed.
  • Sync to the patient database - Existing patients don't have to identify themselves in each conversation. Their name is automatically attached to the text messages they send.
  • Two-way initiation - Patients don't have to wait for you to text them. They can start the conversation themselves. 

All you need is 15 minutes.

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