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Rediscover your inner dental office manager guru

Solutionreach takes the time-consuming tasks out of dental patient communication.

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You’re juggling a million tasks.

Creating an outstanding dental practice means everything to you. But it’s hard to focus when your days are so hectic. Overseeing daily operations, making sure that patients are reminded of appointments, new visits are scheduled, cancellations handled, and so much more leaves little time to connect with patients and make sure the practice is continuing to thrive.

You should be able to spend time where it matters most—on building great patient connections.

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Give all those time-consuming tasks to Solutionreach.

Turn Solutionreach software into another team member who manages your dental patient appointment confirmations, reminders, recall messages, no-shows, scheduling, intake, and more. From there, you can focus your efforts and your staff’s efforts on strengthening and growing your practice.

Save time.

The average phone call? 4-8 minutes. The average text message? 30 seconds. 

Improve communication. 

Patients are 209% more likely to respond to a text message sent from dental communication software than a phone call.

Schedule more patients.  

43% of patients would contact practice more often if they could text.

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Introducing...Solutionreach, the newest team member in your dental practice.

It was learning from dental offices that really made us passionate about patient relationships more than 20 years ago. Today, thousands of dental practices use this technology to not only manage their time-consuming tasks, but take them to the next level. 

What’s included in the Solutionreach dental office software?

Available add-on features include:

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Use technology to improve processes and ease the burden on your team.

Learn more about dental patient management software in our free guide

Be sure to check out this free guide, “Eight Ways PRM Software Improves the Patient Experience” It walks you through how you can use technology to improve your patient relationships and grow your practice.

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Chaos conquered together!

You can keep struggling with the chaos of patient communications, scheduling, no-shows, and time-consuming office tasks, or you can hand over the busywork to Solutionreach and be the boss of office chaos. The choice is yours.







Get new patients and keep the ones you have.

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