Your success is our top priority.

                        From onboarding to ongoing success,
                        we are obsessed with providing the best customer experience.

                        What’s our commitment to customers?

                        Simple. We're committed to helping each and every practice get the most out of our products and services so they can create the best patient experience possible.


                        No practice intimidates us. We’ve seen so many different situations that there’s no such thing as a curveball. We’ve used our experience with over 52,000 practices to create an onboarding and ongoing process that works. So, once you decide to partner with Solutionreach, a success coach will guide you through FastTrack™ to get you up and running using our proven onboarding success formula. Trust us on this. We have onboarding reps who have individually worked with as many as 800 practices to start their Solutionreach journey. 800!


                        We’re confident you won’t need us very often, but when you do, we’ll be there.

                        • Phone and live online chat support Monday – Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m (Mountain Time).
                        • 24/7 access to:
                          • Customer community with over 650 how-to articles and videos.
                          • Submit a case to receive help.
                          • In-product guided walkthroughs to get the most out of Solutionreach and learn about new feature releases.
                        • For our larger customers, we have a named team of support staff ready to assist you. Our Customer Support Managers partner and proactively work with you to identify goals and line up resources to get you on the path to success! 

                        Solutionreach Provides Revolutionary Customer Success

                        Dr. John Flucke from Lee’s Summit Missouri, shares his experience with Solutionreach’s customer service.



                        Our work isn’t over once the onboarding process is finished. Stay up on the latest trends and best practices with:

                        • Solutionreach blog: The best patient relationship management blog has 20,000 subscribers for a reason. Sign up so you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends.
                        • Webinars: Watch for invitations to regular educational and product webinars that provide the latest best practices for patient relationship management and using Solutionreach. Or watch past webinars to get tips now.
                        • SolutionTeach Virtual Summit: Don’t miss this annual event where experts from Solutionreach share the latest news from the industry, product roadmaps, and demos. Check out the most recent event to learn more.
                        • PRM Certification: Get our complimentary patient relationship management certification on SR University during your lunch break.
                        • Newsletters: Be sure to read the regular customer newsletters and product news when they hit your mailbox for updates on new features and marketplace partners.


                        Community Rewards is simple, engaging, and educational. You can earn points to redeem for cool prizes, like electronic gift cards, gadgets, and even a subscription for socks! Complete a variety of quick and fun challenges, such as providing feedback, posting and commenting in our forums, and earning SR University certifications. Learn from your peers, share your knowledge, and do it in just minutes!



                        First and foremost, know that we're here for you. In fact, we're so dedicated to your success that our leadership team is ready to support you as well. Reach out to them with questions or feedback.



                        Josh Weiner, President and Chief Operating Officer
                        nagi-profile Nagi Prabhu, Chief Product Officer
                        brett-profile Brett Jarvis, Senior Vice President, Customer Success

                        Discover the secret sauce of patient satisfaction

                        Compassion based care has been found to have an astounding effect on both patients and practices.

                        How can you bring compassion back to the forefront of your practice?