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                        Get more patients to schedule more appointments.

                        More, more, more. Make your practice appeal to more patients with patient reviews and referrals.

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                        Market your practice with easy-to-use patient review and referral software.

                        We’ve done the research. Twelve percent of patients switched providers last year. Looking ahead, 31 percent said they were considering a switch. If you’re a “glass half empty” type of person, that’s probably pretty scary. But think of the opportunity to get more patients from other practices. That movement is a goldmine. Are you prepared to take advantage of it?? We’re ready to help.

                        SR Smart Reviews

                        The majority of patients use online reviews when searching for a provider. SR Smart Reviews helps you use your strongest patient relationships to build new ones. The best way to do that is with text. Send text message requests for reviews automatically or set it up so staff can directly message patients they know have had a great experience. Solutionreach lets practices increase reviews on the two top sites—Facebook and Google—using the setup that works best for you.

                        Patient Referrals

                        It’s true more patients use reviews than ever before when looking for a provider, but they also use referrals from family and friends. Solutionreach makes it easy for patients to give you referrals with a Refer-a-Friend button that can be placed on all communications. This is one you can set and forget then watch more patient referrals roll in.

                        Solutionreach Makes Referrals Easy

                        Office Manager Noel Birriel of Jane M. Birriel, DDS, discusses how Solutionreach Referrals have greatly increased the number of new patients her practice sees every month.


                        Patient Surveys

                        How can you know what’s going right and what’s not? We’ll tell you. Patient surveys. They are a must. Solutionreach automates surveys to track satisfaction and get feedback on new services. With patients demanding more consumer services and better customer service, you need to know what to work on or risk losing patients.

                        Patient Mapping

                        Marketing a practice is hard enough without having to guess where the efforts will make the most sense. The Solutionreach Patient Mapping tool eliminates that pesky guesswork by showing exactly where your patients actually come from. Get the hard data you need to pinpoint growth opportunities and get laser-focused on the right marketing efforts.

                        The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Looking Awesome Online

                        Want to hear the honest truth? The way your practice looks online is the single largest deciding factor that determines if a patient will walk into your office or not.