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Increase visits from your patients.

Use automated recall and BAM. More patients schedule more appointments. Just like that.

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Get your patients to come back more often with automated recall reminders.

You need to get more patients in more often to improve their care and outcomes and your bottom line. There are so many levers you can pull here. We’ll tell you which ones make the most sense and when to pull them. We’ll also show you that they’re working, which is always nice, right?


It’s so much easier to keep the patients you have and get them in for needed recall than to try to get new patients. Flexible, customizable, Automated Recall Reminders from Solutionreach make it happen. Keep your schedule full and increase patient visits for needed preventive care and follow- up care for chronic conditions. No wonder practices using Solutionreach increase recall revenue by nearly $100,000 a year per provider.

Marketing Campaigns

Whether it’s promoting a new line of eyewear or a screening event, most practices can use marketing emails at some point (or at least they should). Having the flexibility to create individual messages or a series (otherwise known as a drip campaign) makes it easy to deliver the right marketing messages to the right people. It’s a great way to grow your practice, and Solutionreach can show you how.


Patients forget most of what they are told by their provider. One great way to stay connected with patients between visits and help ensure they follow instructions is through newsletters. Solutionreach newsletters can be customized and personalized so they’re relevant to the patient. There’s none of that “one size fits all” business. Send anything from a series on diabetes care to a message about taking medications as prescribed to a quick newsletter on upcoming office closures or a free screening event.

Every practice needs to make money. And in order to make money, you've gotta increase patient visits.

That's what Solutionreach does for you. We make it easy to get the returns you need.


Targeted Group Messaging

Things happen. A provider gets sick or has an emergency. A big storm hits. It’s trouble for the schedule. Solutionreach lets you send customized messages to specific groups of patients. Let them know you’ll be closed and how to reschedule or send a targeted message to patients with a specific diagnosis.

Birthday Messaging

There are lots of ways to stay connected with patients, but one of the best—and most fun—is with birthday messages. You can use a Solutionreach template message or create your very own (that’s the fun part!). The patient receives the message at lunchtime on their birthday when they’re likely to be with friends and family. It’s a great way to retain existing patients. Getting discovered by potential new ones is just icing on the cake. No apologies for that pun.

Patient Mapping

Marketing a practice is hard enough without having to guess where the efforts will make the most sense. The Solutionreach Patient Mapping tool eliminates that pesky guesswork by showing exactly where your patients actually come from. Get the hard data you need to pinpoint growth opportunities and get laser-focused on the right marketing efforts.

Product Notifications

Some practices spend a lot of time calling patients to pick up products like glasses, contacts, dental products, supplements, and cosmeceuticals. It’s a huge time-suck, but no more. Solutionreach can send a quick notification, saving time and getting patients the products they need. It’s a win-win.

Creating a Medical Recare Program that Really Works

Automated recare systems allow you to send messages to patients you haven't seen in awhile. They will also help you:

  • Save time for your staff
  • Fill appointments
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve the patient experience

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