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Connect with groups of patients quicker and exactly when you need to.

Achieve efficient, targeted interaction with Solutionreach’s group messaging.

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Easily message a group of patients—or all your patients at once.

You’ve probably discovered that you aren’t able to reach a group of patients quickly and easily without placing a huge burden on your staff. Whether you need to get in touch with them due to severe weather or provider illness, in today’s uncertain world the ability to reach groups of patients simultaneously has become a necessity. Phone calls are impractical because they take too much time and many patients won’t answer. With the power of Solutionreach’s customized and targeted group messaging you can get word out to patients more efficiently and effectively.

Solutionreach group messaging allows you to:

  • Create messages based on your own criteria (age, gender, diagnosis, etc.)
  • Create messages from custom lists by uploading a CSV with patient ID, name, or DOB
  • Easily message groups affected by schedule changes arising from inclement weather, doctor illness, or ASAP list

Power your patient recall with group messaging.

Manual recall by phone call is time-consuming and yields poor results. Many patients don’t answer their phones or check their voicemail. Solutionreach’s group messaging lets you create and send customized, targeted recall messages based on patient criteria demographics like age or diagnosis. Get your patients back in for their routine preventive and chronic care management visits while filling your schedule and raising staff productivity.

Scheduling simplified. Here’s what our customers say...

Health System Leverages Text Messaging to Roll Out COVID-19 Vaccines


Keep patients up to date with mass health alerts.

Stuff happens. Flu. Whooping cough. Patient engagement can be the key to improving outcomes. Sometimes you need to get information out to patients about health-related issues in the community. Quickly send a mass health alert group message to all your patients.

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Alert patients of emergency closings and schedule changes.

Patients have similar expectations of service from healthcare and non-healthcare companies. Showing up to find out the office is closed or the provider is out is a sure-fire way to lose a patient. Message specific groups of patients via text, email, and voice for any reason at any time. Minimize the time staff spend contacting patients to cancel and reschedule appointments due to unexpected scheduling changes.

Winter storm closing practice


Chaos conquered together!

You can keep struggling with the chaos of patient communications, scheduling, no-shows, and time-consuming office tasks, or you can hand over the busywork to Solutionreach and be the boss of office chaos. The choice is yours.




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