Crafting the perfect message or email to patients is time consuming and challenging – even for the best writers. What is going to resonate? Will it provide the results or outcome you’re looking to achieve? Luckily, generative AI is here to help and it’s super easy to use – if you know how!

In this guide, we’ll teach you how easy it is to use generative AI like ChatGPT. Use our free prompt templates to create thoughtful and effective patient content in seconds for things like:

  • Appointment reminder messages
  • Recall notification messages
  • New patient emails
  • Patient newsletter articles on any topic
  • Patient satisfaction surveys

We’ll explain how generative AI combined with patient communication technology can help you save countless hours and develop stronger patient relationships through more personalized, effective messaging.

Plus, learn how Solutionreach uses generative AI to help practices successfully manage their online reputation management and get more 5 star reviews.