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Are your patient communications failing to deliver? It’s time to do something.

Turn to a solution that delivers optimized engagement.

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Connect all of your providers with patients through a single platform.

The right patient relationship management software enhances communication, simplifies workflows, builds revenue, and improves patient satisfaction.

Solutionreach features like automated appointment reminders, recall messages, group messaging, and real-time two-way texting enable you to boost engagement while ensuring that all messaging stays on brand.

Create consistency.

Align providers with the Solutionreach platform.

Save time. Help provider offices spend less than 30 minutes per day on patient recall and appointment reminders.*

Reduce no-shows. Make it easy for providers to communicate with patients so they can reduce no-shows to 5% or less.*

Fill in your schedule. With the right enterprise PRM software—including automated recall and appointment reminders—your providers can schedule more patients without doing more work.

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Choose a proven partner to help you conquer the chaos.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with over 52,000 practices, hospitals, and health systems.

It’s through our clients’ insights that the platform has evolved to what it is today—a leading patient relationship management system designed to help you succeed. Our enterprise customers use our solution’s functionality to simplify providers’ daily tasks consistently across the entire organization.

Our software is easy to understand, simple to use, and can be leveraged at scale to create greater efficiencies within your health system.

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SR Health a 'KLAS' Above the Competition

As an example of the functionality, quality, and commitment customers receive from the SR Health solution in engaging patients, the platform received a KLAS rating of 94.9 (an average score is 87.9) for 2021. KLAS is a global independent research firm that provides healthcare organizations with comparative performance analysis of various health IT companies' software.

Here’s what hospital and health system administrators who depend on SR Health for their successful patient engagement said about the platform in the KLAS report:


Provider Testimonial

“One of the greatest things that’s happened for us in the last year is the increase in recall visits. We were able to see a $5.2 million return on investment just in the well-visits coming in.”

Leslie Tarver, Vice President of Patient Experience and Marketing - Allied Physicians Group

Rise above the complexities of directing a thriving health system. How?

We get it. You’re constantly training new team members and juggling multiple versions of patient relationship management software. You’ve got a million moving pieces. Finding time to build better patient relationships and help your provider offices thrive is a challenge, for sure.

The right software can ease your burden and give you time to focus on the strategic, proactive work that will grow your organization. Instead of feeling frazzled, you’ll feel accomplished, satisfied, and in control of your interaction with patients.

Take your provider-patient relationships to new heights!

The Solutionreach enterprise PRM platform gives you and your team the tools to streamline scheduling tasks and create messaging consistency across your organization.

11 Things Health Systems Must Have In a PRM Solution

This checklist explores the different options out there when it comes to choosing a patient relationship management (PRM) software and what to look for.