One of the larger dental support organizations (DSO) in the U.S. needed a reliable and customizable patient communications platform they could leverage to help their practices more efficiently engage with patients. They found one in Solutionreach, whose unparalleled multi-site enterprise tool helped them to improve their practices’ productivity, increase revenue, and grow the organization.

Download this guide to learn from their success using Solutionreach’s Location Hub software to:

  • Achieve greater operational and administrative visibility and control at scale across their practices
  • Collect and analyze targeted practice performance (one practice or all practices) data to gain valuable corporate insights, track practices’ success, and ensure patient communication stays on message
  • Direct unified organizational marketing initiatives to boost performance and grow individual practices
  • Turbocharge their practices’ recall program to boost patient acquisition and grow revenue
  • Leverage the duality of Solutionreach’s multi-level and individual location functionality to help fuel their continued expansion