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                        No matter how many locations, providers, or patients, get the right messages out at the right time every time.

                        The more locations and providers you have, the harder it can be to consistently improve patient experience. It requires a solution that can be set up to reflect your organization’s structure to meet the needs of each location to inform and engage existing patients and reach new ones. Luckily, we do this everyday with some of the largest multi-site practices in the country.

                        Setup that Mirrors Your Organization

                        Set up and manage the Solutionreach PRM platform in exactly the way that makes the most sense for your organization. And manage all the communications and see how they are working. We’ll be there every step of the way with data-driven, proven best practices, and all the features you need to succeed.

                        Solutionreach Has "Everything All in One Place!"

                        Margaret Benson of Virginia Eye Institute tells how Solutionreach is the "one-stop shop" for everything her organization needs.


                        Improve Patient Communication

                        Patient communication covers a lot more territory than reminders. There is a proven formula for success, and we’ve found it. Reducing no-shows is just one piece. You also need to get more patients scheduling more appointments and filling those last minute openings. We know how to make that happen. Practices that use our automated recall system, increase revenue by as much as $95,000 per provider.

                        Get More Patients

                        Fifty percent of midsized practices say that their top marketing priority is getting more patients but their biggest challenge is lack of time. Happy patients are happy to leave reviews and refer their friends and family. We can help you get those patient reviews and referrals without adding more work. Find out more about how to get more patients.

                        Discover 5 Ways to Personalize Patient Experience without Adding Work

                        This webinar has the answers. Discover some simple strategies to personalize the patient experience.