Solutionreach Announces Cutting-Edge Generative AI Capabilities for Review Management

(Lehi, Utah, DATE) – Solutionreach, the leading patient communication and retention platform for medical, dental, and vision practices, announced today that their patient engagement platform will further expand its online review management capabilities with advanced generative AI tools designed to decrease the time it takes to respond to online reviews without losing the personalization.

Jim Higgins, CEO of Solutionreach, expressed his excitement about the new enhancements: “We are thrilled to introduce these advanced generative AI capabilities to our platform. It marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions that enable practices of all sizes to proactively and efficiently manage their online brand reputation, saving them valuable time for patient care.”

The addition of generative AI enables Solutionreach customers to instantly craft intelligent, relevant responses to patient reviews, monitor brand sentiment, track online mentions, and analyze patient feedback with unparalleled accuracy. By automatically generating summaries and sentiment analysis of patient reviews, organizations can quickly identify trends and take swift action to address any potential issues, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Jim Higgins emphasized the impact of these new capabilities: “Our generative AI features empower practices to tap into the vast wealth of patient feedback and sentiment analysis, turning it into actionable insights. With this advanced technology, our customers can proactively shape their brand narrative, build stronger patient relationships, and drive sustainable growth.”

For 23 years, Solutionreach has been helping vision, dental and medical organizations of all sizes drive company-wide efficiency and revenue growth with flexible patient communications and office operations tools built for scale. With digital tools like appointment reminders, two-way texting, batch messaging, online reputation management, and more, Solutionreach provides an all-in-one solution to connect with patients through customizable, personalized touchpoints at every step of the care journey.

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About Solutionreach

Solutionreach has been at the forefront of patient engagement for 23 years. Our easy-to-use communications solution empowers healthcare practices to save time and generate more revenue while transforming the patient experience. Our platform pays for itself tenfold by reducing no-shows, increasing appointment volume, and optimizing the value of every patient visit.


We serve customers of all sizes in every healthcare sector from single to multi-location dental, vision, and medical practices and organizations. Our solution has more than 400 PM/EHR integrations with nearly 2 million SMS messages sent daily. Solutionreach has supported over 50,000 customer installations, directly helping one in four Americans experience next-level service and care.


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