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Your patients need a lot of extra TLC—but how can you make sure they get it?

Let us unburden you from those tasks so you can focus on them.

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When you’re an OB-GYN practice, to say you’ve got your hands full (sometimes literally) would be an understatement.

Women’s health practices like yours face a trifecta of challenges in connecting with patients. While many of them need more dedicated engagement, communication, and support, your patients also are more apt to no-show, arrive late or unprepared, or fail to schedule needed care. Solutionreach solves that by providing reliable end-to-end patient connectivity and engagement across their health journey—whether it’s for a routine annual exam or a crucial 36-week prenatal checkup.

OB/GYN Care Adherence

Because your patients need regular exams and checkups to ensure good reproductive health—or a battery of appointments to monitor each stage of their baby’s development—it’s critical that your patients show up. Automated text appointment reminders sent at a proven cadence help patients easily confirm their visit or series of visits right from their smartphone. Likewise, automated pre-visit instructions make sure your patients arrive on time and prepared while post-visit care instructions ensure they remember important next steps and to book followup visits.

OB-GYN Patient Recall

Your patients rely on you for routine and preventative exams and screenings at specific intervals to protect their reproductive health no matter what stage of life they’re at. Automated and customized recall messages sent directly as a text or email to their smartphone help ensure they never miss a window for that important pap test or pelvic exam. Fill your schedule, increase staff productivity, and ensure patients hit those key milepost appointments for best outcomes.

OB-GYN Patient Satisfaction

For you, a patient isn’t just a patient—they’re potentially a loyal life-long partner in their health. That’s why it's critical that you always have your ear to the ground to know how satisfied your patients are with your practice. Sending them automated, customizable, and targeted satisfaction surveys will help you keep a continual pulse on your patients’ happiness levels. Get the vital feedback and insights you need to enhance your retention and acquisition efforts.

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