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Patient education outreach is a must.

Provide some direction. Get your patients the information they need to stay healthy.

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The right patient education solution improves outcomes and increases visits. 

The importance of patient education can’t be overstated. It plays a key role in helping patients to be more compliant, improving outcomes, and generating more patient visits. We’ll help you create personalized, targeted education newsletters that benefit your patients and your practice.

Intelligent Patient Education & Outreach via eNewsletters

Patients forget most of what they are told by their provider. One great way to stay connected with patients between visits and help ensure they follow instructions is through newsletters. Solutionreach patient education newsletters can be customized and personalized so they’re relevant to the patient. There’s none of that “one size fits all” business. Send anything from a series on diabetes care to a message about taking medications as prescribed to a quick newsletter on upcoming office closures or a free screening event.

Leverage Solutionreach’s professionally designed, customizable newsletter templates and create your own educational content or select from a library of pre-written articles.

"A Great Marketing Tool" - Solutionreach eNewsletters

Margaret Benson of Virginia Eye Institute tells how automated enewsletters from Solutionreach have become an essential education healthcare tool for keeping patients informed, educated, and retained.


Care Adherence

Are patients not doing the things they need to do? Don’t let the lack of a patient education solution be the reason. Without a strategic education strategy and consistent communication between visits, patients are much more likely to stray from their personal care plans.

Solutionreach provides tools such as newsletters, social media integration, email automation and patient reminders to ensure your patients are receiving targeted educational content—prescription information, wellness information and more—and not missing crucial follow-up appointments.

Patients’ responsibility is increasing all throughout healthcare. Take advantage of Solutionreach’s patient education tools to enable greater patient plan adherence in your practice.

Why Patient Education Video Series

Just 12 percent of U.S. adults have proficient health literacy… which means that they are 42 percent less likely to follow your instructions and twice as likely to be hospitalized. Providing the health education your patients need to be successful leads to higher patient satisfaction and overall success of your practice. In this video series, we provide tons of great tips on ways to improve the health literacy of your patients with personalized patient education. So take a few minutes and find out how you can provide the info that patients want.

Want to learn more about patient education for your office?

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Patient Education benefits


How well your patients understand instructions directly impacts their care adherence,  satisfaction levels, and the overall success of your practice. Unfortunately, patients can only remember a very small amount of information at a time.

Five quick steps to improving patient education

improving patient education

 There is no disputing the fact that doctor-patient communication is a super-important part of delivering care. Connecting with patients, and ensuring they have the information they need to make critical decisions is a high priority.

How to make patients feel respected, valued, and heard.


Helping patients feel valued, or respected as an individual, is incredibly important to the creation of a successful practice. Unfortunately, there are some ways we may inadvertently leave a patient feeling dismissed or ignored.

Patient education doesn't have to be difficult.

Get some helpful tips in our white paper.