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                        What is Patient Relationship Management?

                        It's the tools you need to improve patient and provider experience.

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                        Patient relationship management (PRM) software enables healthcare providers to deliver better care and drive revenue by strengthening patient relationships.


                        PRM software makes it possible for practices to give patients the information they need to stay totally engaged and informed in their care. This personalized experience improves the chance patients will return again and again. PRM systems do this by enabling key communications to be delivered directly to patients at the right time and through the right channel at scale. Patient expectations have changed. Reimbursement is changing. Whether or not a healthcare organization thrives today depends on the experience and outcomes patient have.

                        Patient relationship management is a system that helps improve communication, engagement, and access, resulting in better experiences for both patients (improved outcomes, more convenient ways to connect with providers, etc.) and healthcare organizations (increased appointment revenue, greater staff efficiency, etc.).

                        From researching a provider to scheduling an appointment, all the way through to leaving feedback about what a wonderful care experience it was and receiving ongoing follow-up communication, PRM hits all the touchpoints.

                        Save a LOT of time for your busy front office staff!

                        Conquer the chaos of your front office with help from Solutionreach! With two-way texting and digital intake, you can reach your patients on a larger scale, and spend your time strategically growing the business instead. Colleen Huff tells all about her experience leveraging texting and digital intake with Solutionreach.


                        Discover 5 Ways to Personalize Patient Experience without Adding Work

                        This webinar has the answers. Discover some simple strategies to personalize the patient experience.