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Less busywork. More smiles. 

We take a whole lotta stuff off your plate so that you can spend time where it really matters...with the kids. 

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Pediatric Patient Relationship Management

A busy, successful pediatric practice is one where relationships come first. That’s why Solutionreach developed a patient relationship management platform that takes patient satisfaction to the next level.

We know. You have your hands full scheduling appointments, submitting billing, greeting patients, staying ahead of compliance issues, and tons of other administrative work. Basically, you're a superhero. Solutionreach takes a lot of those pressures away from you—so you can spend time with those adorable, toothless wonders instead.

When parents find a pediatrician who is dedicated to creating real, personal relationships, they are very unlikely to switch practices. 

Here are all the pieces to the puzzle that Solutionreach uses to create lasting, satisfied relationships with your patients and their parents:

Pediatric Appointment Reminders

Who wants to spend most of their day calling patients? That’s way too tedious. Using automation to do the work for you is much more efficient. But when automating the process, you need to be careful not to sacrifice the power of reminders. So Solutionreach is careful to send:

  • The Right Message – customizable content
  • At the Right Time – automatically sent at strategic times chosen by the practice
  • Delivered the Right Way – based on patient preferences: text, phone, or email

Pediatric Patient Recall

It is so much easier to keep the patients you have and get them in for needed recall than to try to get new patients. Flexible, customizable, automated recall from Solutionreach makes it happen. Keep your practice’s schedule full and get patients back in for routine well-baby and well-child checks and immunizations. No wonder practices using Solutionreach increase recall revenue by about $100,000 a year per provider.

Pediatric Patient Education

Consumer healthcare extends the patient experience beyond the walls of the practice. Solutionreach ensures healthcare organizations provide patients and their parents with unparalleled access to their personal healthcare through tools such as self-scheduling, a patient portal and a patient app. Whether it’s paying bills, scheduling appointments or interacting with a doctor, Solutionreach creates convenience and accessibility for your families.

Solutionreach is the "Perfect Solution" to Engage with patients

Kathi Newman discusses how Solutionreach helps Southwest Children’s Clinic stay connected with their patients through appointment reminders, birthday messages, newsletters and patient surveys.


Patient Payments

How many times have you not received payment? Or spent months trying to collect by sending paper statements? Too many. With SR Pay, balance notices can be sent directly to a patient’s phone as soon as you know the patient due amount. The text message includes a direct link for parents to access a secure payment screen and complete the transaction in a matter of minutes on their smartphone using a debit, credit, HSA, or FSA card. Text. Click. Paid. It’s that easy.

Phone Systems

It’s efficiency on steroids. Jive and SR Spotlight equals a whole new phone experience for staff and patients.

Healthcare staff and patients spend way too much time on the phone. It’s time to fix that. Empower your organization to improve communication, efficiency, and patient experience with Jive and SR Spotlight.

Two-way Texting

SR Conversations is more than two-way text messaging. So much more. Finally, you can categorize incoming texts and know which ones need your immediate attention—whether you're at the office or the beach. With its easy-to-use HIPAA consent tool, conversations can be both in-depth and compliant. Patients don't have to download an app or register for a portal. The whole thing is just ridiculously easy. 

Online Scheduling

It takes an average of eight minutes to schedule an appointment on the phone. It just isn’t practical. SR Schedule provides 24/7 online scheduling that integrates with your schedule and can be completely customized. When patients schedule, it can tell if they're new or existing patients and adjust the information needed. A link  can be placed on your website, online listings, social media pages, and in emails and text messages. Put it anywhere, and make scheduling better for patients and staff.

Patient Caller ID

With SR Spotlight, you can not only see who’s calling but all the information that you might need for that call for the whole family. Overdue balance. Due for a recall. It’s their birthday. Check, check, check. You can see it all and address it in one easy call. Talk about efficiency!

Patient Intake

Paper is expensive, inefficient, and error prone. And, patients don’t like it. SR Intake offers customizable, digital patient registration that is easy and convenient. Manage and customize forms. Let busy parents complete the check-in process at their convenience. Upload the data. It's a better take on intake for you and your families.

Pediatric Patient Surveys and Patient Satisfaction

Is there a specialty where patient satisfaction matters more? You are dealing with someone's child! We’ll help you get the essential patient feedback you need to make practice improvements. Learn more about our customizable, targeted, and automated surveys. Extremely effective.

Pediatric Practice Online Reviews and Reputation Management

The first place parents research new pediatricians is online. So it’s crazy important that your whole pediatric office plays a part in ensuring that the reviews left about your practice reflect how great you are. SR Smart Reviews helps you manage your online reviews in three ways:

  • Patient convenience   A link is sent through a text message, so your patients or their parents can leave a review for your practice whenever works best for them.
  • Patient direction  Solutionreach has analyzed billions (yes, billions) of provider-patient interactions and developed a nerd-friendly algorithm to help you determine which patients will complete an online review, and who might need a little extra TLC.

Pediatric Patient Referrals and Marketing

Practice marketing has two sides. Finding new patients and keeping the ones you have. We offer pediatric practice marketing tools to make your practice stand out. Learn more about how Solutionreach’s marketing tools drive patient acquisition and retention.

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