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Simplify your insurance verification process

View, request, and verify patient insurance coverage and status in seconds.

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Discover a painless insurance verification workflow

No more scouring insurance payor websites or wasting hours on calls to verify patient insurance coverage, or dealing with countless claim denials due to inaccurate insurance information on file. With Solutionreach, you’ll know if the insurance you have on file is active, what’s covered, and how to help patients make the best use of their benefits.

  • View patient insurance verification status in one dashboard
  • Know what is and isn’t covered without decoding messages on clearinghouse or payor websites
  • Easily request insurance information from patients via text or email
  • Leverage automatic insurance verification to see status and coverage prior to patient appointments
  • Complete same-day manual verification as needed in seconds
Accelerate the collections process

Collect more payments, faster, with automated payment reminders and patient messaging.

Reduce claim denials and resubmissions

Automated workflows improve the accuracy of the patient insurance information on file.

Optimize staff productivity

Reduce overhead costs and free your administrative team from tedious, time-consuming manual processes.

Spend less time on the phone

Eliminate outbound insurance verification calls and gain more time to for patient care.

Improve patient satisfaction

Be better equipped to help maximize patient benefits and identify insurance issues before their appointments.

6 ways to automate insurance verification at your dental practice

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