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Stop costly no-shows from raining on your revenue parade.

Let us help you minimize those missed appointments.

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Take a digital approach to patient communication that helps you fill your schedule—and your waiting room.

Since each missed imaging appointment is exorbitantly costly, diagnostic imaging centers like yours depend on patients arriving as scheduled. But connecting reliably with patients today has become more difficult. Bridge the gap between you and your patients with Solutionreach’s digital patient relationship management software. Our platform helps take the guesswork out of whether or not patients will keep their appointments.

Diagnostic Imaging Patient Reminders

You need patients to show up for their imaging appointments. Patients need diagnostic imaging to help their clinician get to the root of their health issue. Solutionreach makes that connection easier and more effective with automated appointment reminders and other messaging. Curb those no-shows and late cancellations while letting staff focus on your patients.

Diagnostic Imaging Two-Way Texting

When a patient needs to reschedule or has a question about their imaging visit, the easiest and most reliable way to interact with your staff is through two-way text messaging. While a phone call can drag on for minutes, a text can be sent within seconds. Plus, it’s how today’s patients prefer to connect. Get your staff off the phones while reaching patients where they are.

Diagnostic Imaging Patient Satisfaction

Driving patient satisfaction can help you recoup Medicaid reimbursements. And we know patients prefer digital surveys, which also have higher completion rates. Our automated, targeted, and customizable surveys help you get the feedback you need while giving patients the convenience of completing them from their smartphone or other device. Improve your completion rates while keeping your patients happy.

Diagnostic Imaging Marketing

Since you rely on clinician and hospital referrals to keep your staff busy and your revenue flowing, marketing is a must. Our marketing features allow your practice to get great online reviews and stay one step ahead of the competition in generating increased foot traffic.

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No-shows no more!

Sounds great, right? Let's make it happen.