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Take your practice to the next level…

By adding telehealth options.

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Telehealth visits should be simple, easy, and convenient.

The success of your telehealth platform depends on how easy it is for patients and providers to connect. No one wants to download an app, remember another password, or tinker with audio and video settings. With today’s telehealth software, visits should be simple, easy, and convenient for everyone involved.

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Make virtual visits simple for everyone.

Stay ahead of your competition by offering a user-friendly telehealth solution. It’s as simple as sending a text.

Make patients happy.

Sixty-five percent of patients who use telehealth say they love the convenience of it, and they like that it lowers their risk of being exposed to sick patients.

Boost revenue.

Offer patients a choice to meet virtually or in person and keep your schedule full. 

Meet rising patient expectations.

In today’s busy world, patients expect to be able to quickly connect with their providers – including eye care and dental practices. Offer appointment options that meet all your patient needs.

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Introducing...your newest team member, SR Telehealth.

Over the past 20 years, our customers have helped us finetune our software to automate daily tasks and provide services that patients want, such as teledentistry and telemedicine. Creating a simple, user-friendly telehealth software for providers was our next logical step. With our easy-to-use telehealth platform, you can give patients access to their doctors, even when they can’t get to the office in person.   

SR Telehealth, our telemedicine software for providers, makes it easy to...

  • Launch telehealth video visits through our two-way texting application, SR Conversations
  • Support telehealth videos with multiple participants
  • Engage with patients and get information before a provider joins the session
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance and security
  • Schedule telehealth appointments in advance or on-demand

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Telehealth made easy. Here’s what our customers say...

Discover the easiest ways to use video health visits.

Make telehealth software a permanent part of your practice with our free guide.

Read, “10 Misconceptions About Telehealth and What Research Has to Say About It” and discover why you should leverage the latest technology to grow your practice.

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