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                        Expand your virtual office with Solutionreach.

                        Use Solutionreach to support an end-to-end telehealth workflow so you can see patients and generate revenue.

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                        Stay safe and stay open with Solutionreach.


                        The COVID-19 pandemic has caught the world by surprise. While in-person visits have been reduced or even halted to slow the spread, you can keep income coming in by offering billable virtual telehealth services. Maintaining your service continuity is both critical to your community and keeping your business afloat during this storm.

                        To encourage the adoption of virtual services TODAY, regulations and policies around telehealth and HIPAA have been relaxed or waived to ensure your patients get access to healthcare they need and so you can keep the lights on. Explore how Solutionreach can facilitate your telehealth services with a streamlined end-to-end workflow.

                        Conduct HIPAA-compliant video visits through SMS text.

                        SR Telehealth is a secure, high-resolution video tool for telehealth that is launched directly from a text conversation. Visits using SR Telehealth can be pre-scheduled and instructions can be sent in the text or email appointment reminder. Then, a link can be sent a few minutes before the visit through text to launch the secure visit. They can also be done on-demand during a text conversation.

                        Put all of your telehealth tools to use.

                        Solutionreach appointment pre-visit instructions allow you to include instructions and links to your third-party telehealth solutions as well. You can deliver care to patients within the safety and comfort of their homes using a solution you already have or through SR Telehealth. Maintain appointment volume and revenue despite limited in-person appointments to your practice.

                        Launch a new text-based appointment type.

                        Leverage SR Conversations, our two-way text messaging platform, to incorporate brief but billable virtual check-ins for your existing patient list. Use the built-in HIPAA consent tool before communicating PHI so that you can remain HIPAA compliant. Patients simply text a picture to the provider to review and determine if an in-person or telehealth visit is recommended. Office staff (virtual or on location) can use the flagging feature to assign the virtual check-in to the provider to respond to between in-person and telehealth visits. Virtual check-ins are a great way to give patients peace of mind during these stressful times.

                        Introduce telephone check-ins.

                        Create brief telephone virtual check-in appointment types and provide them on SR Schedule for patients to book online. These five to 10-minute phone calls between patient and provider can bring peace of mind to the patient as they discuss symptoms and determine if an in-person or telehealth visit is required. This is a great way to reach vulnerable populations with limited access to reliable internet.

                        Create a digital patient intake experience.

                        Replace paper with a digital intake experience for all your patients using SR Intake. Not only is going paperless a more hygienic approach to combating COVID-19 and any other infectious diseases for in-person appointments, it also enables you to gather critical intake information, including pre-screening questions, from new patients engaging in a telehealth visit. All SR-Intake customers also have access to our CDC informed COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire.

                        Keep your staff connected with SR Huddle.

                        Use SR Huddle, an intra-office chat tool within SR Conversations that promotes collaboration, coordination, and communication between members of your staff.  This feature allows you and your staff to communicate internally through Huddle while working from home. With SR Huddle, you can boost teamwork, stay on top of what is happening as you expand your virtual practice, and quickly solve issues as they arise.

                        A Practice Testimonial

                        “I was super stressed about trying to get the right information into our patients’ hands quickly, so I was thrilled to find the Solutionreach COVID-19 templates. They looked amazing and were so easy to edit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”   - Debbi Christiansen, Arches Foot and Ankle Clinic

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                        Make patient payments easy and germ-free through mobile.

                        Complete the virtual patient experience by enabling text payment reminders and mobile payments with SR Pay. Using SR Pay, balance notices can be sent directly to a patient’s phone as soon as you know the patient due amount. And, patients are very likely to see them since 90 percent of people read texts within three minutes. The text message includes a direct link for patients to access a secure payment screen and complete the transaction in a matter of minutes on their smartphone using a debit, credit, HSA, or FSA card. Then, the money appears directly in your bank account! Forget stuffing envelopes, paying postage, and waiting for a payment for weeks or longer.

                        Promote your new telehealth offerings through newsletters.

                        Communicate your new telehealth virtual offerings through the Solutionreach newsletters. You don’t have to be an expert designer or professional copywriter. Create your own or customize a professionally designed Solutionreach telehealth newsletter template. Our COVID-19 response library is steadily growing. Professional Email Marketing services are also available. We do the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing what you do best, help people get healthy.


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