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Warning of phishing emails and scams.



Warning of Phishing Email Imitating Solutionreach

We have received reports that some of our customers are receiving phishing emails claiming that their services with Solutionreach have been suspended and directing them to a link to enable their account. These emails do not come from Solutionreach and you should not click on any links contained in them.

The email may look similar to the one in the image below and will direct recipients to a page that mimics Solutionreach and asks for credentials, social security number, or credit card information. 

Solutionreach will never request your social security number. Emails to update credit card information are only sent if your card is expiring or by request. Official Solutionreach customer emails will always come from the following domains: solutionreach.com, srhealth.com, and smilereminder.com.

If you have received an email that you suspect is a phish imitating Solutionreach, please forward the email and the full header information to security@solutionreach.com. You can get the email header by following these instructions for Gmail or other email clients.

If you did click on a link in a suspected phishing email, we recommend you change your password to Solutionreach immediately and notify your IT team for triage. 

Unfortunately, phishing schemes are becoming more prevalent across industries, and it is important for all of us to be educated on how to help stop them. To learn more or to report phishing attempts, visit the U.S. government’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency website.



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