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Intelligent Outreach via Plastic Surgery eNewsletters

Patient relationships extend far beyond the four walls of your aesthetics practice, so it’s important to maintain consistent communication with your plastic surgery patients. Solutionreach’s automated aesthetics practice eNewsletters are a way to keep the connection between appointments.

eNewsletters are a great way to keep patients involved in their own healthcare. Solutionreach offers a variety of professionally designed, customizable templates so you can write your own content or choose from a library of pre-written articles on a variety of relevant topics. These plastic surgery newsletters can not only help you grow the patient-provider relationship, but they can also help educate aesthetics patients about important aspects of their own care.

Care Adherence

It can be frustrating when plastic surgery patients don’t adhere to the care plan you have outlined for them. But many times, patients don’t keep up with their care plan because of a lack of understanding - either in the plan itself or in the importance of following it.

Solutionreach provides tools such as newsletters, social media integration, and plastic surgery patient reminders. You'll also have an easy way to segment your patient base to help you send relevant plastic surgery patient educational information to all of your patients. Targeting the content of the messages ensures patients receive care information that pertains to them.

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