Lehi, Utah, April 2, 2024 — Solutionreach, a leading provider of healthcare communication and patient engagement solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of the first end-to-end Revenue Cycle Messaging™ solution. This innovative solution is poised to transform the way healthcare providers interact with patients throughout the entire revenue cycle, providing advanced technology to enhance patient communications, streamline insurance and payment processes, and accelerate revenue growth.

The company’s Revenue Cycle Messaging™ features enable healthcare providers to proactively engage patients at every stage of the financial journey, from initial online scheduling and registration to final billing notifications. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and transparent experience for patients, leading to improved satisfaction and increased revenue for providers.

Key features of Solutionreach’s Revenue Cycle Messaging™ available now and in the near future include:

Patient Scheduling and Registration: Enable patients to self-schedule an appointment online and streamline the registration process, collecting comprehensive patient information, including insurance details from the very start.

Insurance Verification and Eligibility: Facilitate smooth communication with patients regarding insurance information, ensuring accurate and up-to-date details are on file to avoid any surprises in coverage or billing complications.

Treatment Presentation and Acceptance: Communicate relevant treatment details, cost, and expected insurance reimbursement to the patient using secure docs and e-signatures before treatment is incurred.

Payment Notifications: Send timely messages to patients regarding deposits, co-pays, and outstanding balances.

Accounts Receivable Management: Identify patients with overdue or aging balances and send automated reminders at custom intervals.

Patient Collections: Manage patient billing and send reminders via Solutionreach messaging, ensuring a streamlined and effective collections process.

Ken Ernsting, CEO of Solutionreach, expressed excitement about the potential impact of Revenue Cycle Messaging™ on the healthcare industry, stating, “As healthcare continues to evolve, it’s crucial for providers to adopt solutions that not only enhance patient engagement but also optimize revenue cycle management. Solutionreach’s new Revenue Cycle Messaging™ capabilities represent a significant step forward in achieving this dual objective. By empowering providers with cutting edge tools to communicate transparently and effectively with patients throughout the financial journey, our objective is to drive positive outcomes for both patients and healthcare organizations.”

Solutionreach remains committed to delivering innovative patient engagement solutions that address the evolving needs of the healthcare landscape. Its Revenue Cycle Messaging™ capabilities are set to redefine the patient financial experience, reinforcing Solutionreach’s position as a leader in patient engagement solutions.

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